What Are the Inspectors Really Looking For?

Written by Margot B

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- Production ofrepparttar "supergun"

- Research on missile components and fuel - High-precision coordinate measuring machines: Mauserwerke Oberndorf GmbH, Zeiss, Mauser (Germany) Samarra Drug Industry - Prime production facility for Iraqi mustard gas and nerve agents, according to U.S. intelligence sources

- Reported in 2001 by August Hanning,repparttar 126045 director of German intelligence (BND), to be developing new chemical weapons

- Parts forrepparttar 126046 Samarra chemical weapon complex: Water Engineering Trading (Germany)

- Site construction services: Heberger Bau (Germany)

- Equipment for six separate chemical plants, including facilities and construction components: Karl Kolb and Pilot Plant (Germany)

- Equipment for chemical, physiological and biological analysis (Germany)

- According to Hanning, "important components forrepparttar 126047 production of poison gas" (Germany)

Hutteen State Establishment - Built testing facility at Iraq's main nuclear weapon development site - Artillery ammunition for chemical payloads: Treblan (Spain)

- High-speed computers: E.Z. Logic Data Systems (US); International Computer Systems (US/UK)

- Machine tools and equipment: Matrix Churchill Ltd., MEED International (UK) Salah al Din - Military electronics factory which produced three- dimensional early warning radars, electronic countermeasures and inertial guidance components

- Also produced equipment for making nuclear weapon fuel - Turn-key factory built by Thomson-CSF (France)

- Lasers, laser systems, and "communication/ detection racking equipment:" Spectra Physics (US)

- Quartz crystals and electronic assemblies for use in radar systems: Zeta Laboratories Inc. (US)

- Frequency synthesizers for developing surveillance radar: Hewlett Packard (US)

Source: www.iraqwatch.org [12.10PM 13 Feb 03] Iraq Watch Bulletin, vol2, Issue 1, Jan-Feb. 203 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I do not mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy

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Japanese in WW II were based on hysteria, racism and a failure of political leadership. They are wrong on all counts. Is there anyone on this planet who belives them? Their report is so flawed thatrepparttar Dept. of Justice advised Congress not to accept it. In spite of this,repparttar 126044 report is being distributed for use in schools. Trying to getrepparttar 126045 public's attention on this is about as productive as winking at a girl inrepparttar 126046 dark.

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