What Are Your Children Really Watching?

Written by Lisa Workman

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Be careful not to pick television shows based solely onrepparttar TV ratings system. A recent study has shown inconsistency in ratings that television networks place on their shows. Some do not userepparttar 141243 additional content descriptors (D, S, L and V) in their ratings at all. What this means is that you may be watching a show rated TV-G and then you hear some foul language. Ifrepparttar 141244 rating had indicated this withrepparttar 141245 “L” description, at least you would have been prepared for it.

So what’srepparttar 141246 best way to ensure that your kids are watching shows that meet your standards? Well, parents, we are going to have to take some time and actually pay attention to what is onrepparttar 141247 stations your kids are watching! Yes, that means actually sitting down and enduring an episode or two of an animated sponge orrepparttar 141248 latest teeny bopper life story.

You can also talk to other friends and family about what their kids watch and why. Askrepparttar 141249 parents if they have watchedrepparttar 141250 shows their children watch. You will be surprised at how many parents really don’t pay that much attention torepparttar 141251 content of their children’s viewing choices. They haverepparttar 141252 attitude that if it is on XYZ Children’s Network, then it must be fine. Even withinrepparttar 141253 children’s networks, shows are geared towards a specific audience. Do you really want your 6 year old to watch a show that is a teen version of a soap opera?

Then – don’t skip this one - talk with your kids aboutrepparttar 141254 shows they are watching. Discussrepparttar 141255 content and if it is a show you are not going to permit them to watch, explain your reasons. You do not have to defend your choice, you arerepparttar 141256 parent after all, but just let them know why it is inappropriate.

Limitrepparttar 141257 amount of television your children watch each day. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents limit a child's use of TV, movies, and video and computer games to no more than 1 or 2 hours per day. This will also encourage them to make different choices about their television activities. Do they really want to watch this rerun forrepparttar 141258 15th time or would they rather wait and watch something new?

Takerepparttar 141259 time to teach your children how to make better choices with their electronic entertainment. It’s a skill that they will carry with them pastrepparttar 141260 next Saturday morning.

Lisa Workman isrepparttar 141261 author of Tokens for TV: A Sensible Approach to Balancing Television, Video Game and Computer Activities. For more information email lisa@tvtokens.com or visit her website at www.tvtokens.com.

Lisa Workman has provided editing and business services for over 26 years. She has experience in the fields of education, computer software training, health care, marketing, and public relations. In addition to her editing and virtual assistant services, she currently teaches computer skills at a local elementary school.

How To Make Your Own Gift Baskets

Written by Jennifer Shircel

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Now forrepparttar fun part – decorating! Start arranging your items intorepparttar 141242 basket. Make sure to putrepparttar 141243 bigger/taller items inrepparttar 141244 back andrepparttar 141245 smaller items inrepparttar 141246 front. You can use easter grass or any other “stuffing” to prop things up or fill inrepparttar 141247 holes if you need to. Now tie on a bow and Don’t Forget The Card!!

For more gift basket ideas or how to make specific baskets, visit us at www.MomOnABudget.com We have more money saving tips, quick easy recipes, how to decorate on a budget and more. Sign up to receive our free email newsletter.

Jennifer is the owner of www.MomOnABudget.com MomOnABudget is an excellent resource for moms with money saving tips, work at home ideas, decorating on a budget, quick easy recipes and so much more.

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