What Are You Going to Make Life Mean For You?

Written by Sheri Bardo

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Anything that is important to you, must start with you first. If you want kindness, you must be kinder to every person you meet. In being kinder to others you will attract kindness to yourself from others.

You must be honest in each encounter with others. This action will attract more people into your life who are honest. Keep your word to others and you will attract more people in your life who will keep their word to you.

Offerrepparttar real you in relationships first, allowing yourself to be transparent and deeply connected then others will be transparent and deeply connected with you. Create a “safe place for others” and there will be safe places for you.

If you long for unconditional love for yourself, give it to others, it will find its way back to you.

If you long to have others see you for who you really are inside, see others for who they really are inside: a unique, one of a kind creation waiting to be seen for who they really are. The spirit side of you and others (the “real”, Authentic, God created side) is not self centered, needy, greedy, lacking, fearful angry, bitter, or hurtful, but loving, giving, open, kind, curious, abundant, prosperous, creative, intuitive, playful, helpful, generous, joyful, and amazing. If you start looking for those qualities in others and help them find them in themselves, You will recognize all of that in yourself.

Have you ever been at a dance andrepparttar 131464 music starts, but no one wants to berepparttar 131465 first out onrepparttar 131466 floor…………. But as soon asrepparttar 131467 first couple takes that step ontorepparttar 131468 floor, others quickly follow and soon many are dancing with them. Life is like that. Berepparttar 131469 first onrepparttar 131470 dance floor of life and soon there will be many others dancing with you. You will find a community of like minded spirits, who want to dancerepparttar 131471 dance of life with you.

Life is really about our own journey to truth and wholeness. Our choices and how we see things shape our world and attract what we have in our life. So if you do not like what you have in your life right now, begin today by being 100% responsible forrepparttar 131472 rest of your life and re-create your life and what you attract into it by being what you want others to be for you,repparttar 131473 rest will follow effortlessly.

What we are not getting in our lives is a reflection or a mirror of what we are not being or giving out.

Be loving with yourself. Don't judge what you do not like about what you see reflected back to you in your life. Just notice it and get clear on what you would like to be different. Then let it start with you giving out what you want to see.

I am a Life Coach. I have a background in business, sales, public relations, and spiritual counseling. I own and operate Authentically You Retreats and Life Coaching . My Life Purpose is to live a life of Authenticity, Spiritual Truth, Abundance, Creativity and Celebration of all life's possibilities. I believe there is greatness in each individual and my joy is to take others on the adventure of finding their own greatness.

Becoming a Gold-Dust-Person

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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4. Gold-Dust-People request and learn from constructive feedback from their clients, coaches and mentors.

5. Gold-Dust-People are those who instead of giving up are able to learn life lessons fromrepparttar times when life does not go as planned.

6. Gold-Dust-People take responsibility for their actions.

7. Gold-Dust-People respect their own gifts and abilities, acknowledging they will achieverepparttar 131461 most in life when they utilize what is special within them.

8. Gold-Dust-People have a strong sense of Purpose which supports their goals, vision, and mission. The Purpose isrepparttar 131462 foundation for EVERYTHING else.

9. Gold-Dust-People are students of success, reading and applying what they read on a daily basis.

10. Gold-Dust-People make choices which empower themselves, their community and their world. Their choices power uprepparttar 131463 gold dust, transformingrepparttar 131464 gold dust into tangible results.

With this as your guide towards your future, ask yourself again:

"What are my Top 3 goals for today?" "What are my Top 3 goals for this week?" "A week from now, when I reviewrepparttar 131465 past seven days, what will I desire to see?" "How can I most efficiently and effectively move from my Vision to my Desired Results?"

You haverepparttar 131466 within yourepparttar 131467 ability to do all that you were meant to do. You haverepparttar 131468 ability to be who you were created to be. You can take all that you know today and bring it all to a higher level. Join those prosperous people:repparttar 131469 Gold-Dust-People. Commit to do so, today.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. She now combines mothering 4 children with inspiring people worldwide with her books, ezine, teaching and personal coaching. Visit http://www.5passions.com for free resources for YOUR success Email her at mailto:julie@5passions.com or call 661.325.4116

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