What Are YOU Doing to Keep Your Customers?

Written by Angela Wu

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Automate responses where appropriate. For example, use an autoresponder to distribute free reports or download links. This is far preferable to forcing your customer to wait several days for a manual email from you. Automation is a good choice for anything that does not require a personalized response. It frees up your time (time that can be better spent elsewhere) and it gives your customer instant service.

Create or find bonuses that you can give away to your customers. Bundle them with a subscription to your newsletter, a product purchase, or even offer them as a 'surprise gift'.

Show appreciation. For example, offer repeat customers a 'loyalty discount'.

Remember that words can easily be misinterpreted in an email. Choose carefully.

*Listen*. Encourage your visitors to write to you with suggestions. Criticism may not berepparttar nicest thing to hear, but it can give you insight into areas of your business that may need improvement. Give your customers what they want and they'll be more likely to return.

The success of a business depends in large part onrepparttar 117819 satisfaction of its clients. Not only can happy customers refer others to you, but they are much more likely to return for future purchases. A little extra attention can go a long ways. Isn't it worth it?

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The Long Way Home

Written by Gary Layton

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You can spendrepparttar time and effort to teach yourself all you need to know throughrepparttar 117818 study ofrepparttar 117819 millions of free words onrepparttar 117820 Internet. That is a hard way to go. How do you knowrepparttar 117821 stuff you are reading is actually helpful or not. You don't. What I suggest is that you find someone to help you.

There exists onrepparttar 117822 web several companies dedicated to online business start-ups or torepparttar 117823 improving of existing online businesses. The Company I am most familiar with isrepparttar 117824 Internet Musketeers Incorporated Online Business Center or IMIOBC. The IMIOBC is dedicated to helping people start-up or improve their own online businesses. The list of services provided by these people are impressive and coversrepparttar 117825 entire spectrum of requirements concerningrepparttar 117826 operations of online businesses.

For example they provide a free consultation service designed to explore your ideas, products or services, determine your specific requirements, and then recommend courses of action designed to meet your specific requirements. No one else does that. Many times this free consultation is all you need to get started inrepparttar 117827 right direction. That's OK with them because in talking with you they haverepparttar 117828 opportunity to expose you to their unique business building products and services for your future use if you are so inclined. Below is a short list ofrepparttar 117829 products and services available to you throughrepparttar 117830 IMIOBC.

1. Business, Marketing, Promotional and Advertising Plans.

2. Web Design and Construction Bureau. A full service agency and includes allrepparttar 117831 state ofrepparttar 117832 art Website design capabilities. They even help you find a proper host for your website.

3. A Website Search Engine Submission Service. Gets your Websites onrepparttar 117833 major search engines with allrepparttar 117834 appropriate keywords and Meta Tags. They teach you how to do it or do it for you.

4. A Marketing, Promotional and Advertising Service wherein they devise and placerepparttar 117835 copy material for you.

5. A Ghost Writing Service. Professional ghost writers prepare and place articles covering topics of your choice with your byline. Get yourself known onrepparttar 117836 web through published articles.

When you hook-up with these guys they are with you allrepparttar 117837 way on your long journey home to success. You owe it to yourself to check them out and see what they can do for you.

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