What Actually are Plyometrics and Plyometric Training?

Written by Kevin Doberstein CFT

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Plyometrics is an anaerobic type of exercise, which means that it is non-oxygen fueled. It uses adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate (ATP/CP) for its energy source, which is stored inrepparttar muscle tissue. When this ATP/CP is depleted,repparttar 148359 muscles draw glucose, which is stored inrepparttar 148360 liver. This glucose converts back into ATP/CP inrepparttar 148361 muscle. Because ofrepparttar 148362 anaerobic nature of Plyometrics, you should include pre-workout and post-workout nutrition. Both should include complex and simple carbohydrates. Also a high-grade protein is needed for fueling and replenishing.

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Are you breathing properly?

Written by David Kane

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Most of us could improve our breathing but our tendency to breathe too rapidly and too shallow becomes exaggerated when a person suffers an asthma attack. If you suffer from asthma try to resistrepparttar urge to gasp for breath during an attack, and focus on remaining calm and breathing out as fully as you can. Your inhale will follow naturally. Also concentrate on breathing slowly. This is much easier to do if you practiced when you were not having an attack.

Tryrepparttar 148350 following exercises when you are feeling well. If you are healthy they will improve your breathing technique. If you suffer from asthma they will help you exhale correctly during an asthma attack.

1. Hum as you exhale slowly, trying to prolongrepparttar 148351 breath without straining. Then repeat, but this time make a buzzing sound. Notice whenrepparttar 148352 sound changes and when you become breathless. Stop breathing for a moment then breathe in gently. If you need to gasp for breath you are trying too hard.

2. Breathe in, purse your lips then breathe out in a series of little puffs. Work againstrepparttar 148353 pressure of your lips and cheeks, contractingrepparttar 148354 abdomen notrepparttar 148355 chest as you blow.

3. Blow out an imaginary candle. Again your abdomen not your chest should contract as you blow. Your attempts to blow outrepparttar 148356 candle should be fairly quiet. You should be breathing in naturally atrepparttar 148357 end ofrepparttar 148358 blow. Repeat as many times as is comfortable but stop if you begin to feel breathless.

We take over ten thousand breaths a day, drawing in about half a liter of air with each one. You can improve this essential act with just a few simple exercises. Tryrepparttar 148359 above and learn to breathe properly.

David Kane is the author of ‘101 Top Tips for Asthma Relief’, which gives more ways to control asthma. This and other resources designed to help asthma sufferers monitor and control their condition are available at http://www.asthma-relieftips.com

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