What's your clutter keeping you from?

Written by Linda Dessau

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2) Fromrepparttar Fly Lady (see "Resources") – you can do anything for 15 minutes at a time! Work for 15-minutes and then stop before it gets overwhelming.

3) Fromrepparttar 117076 Fly Lady (see "Resources") - pick outrepparttar 117077 hot spots that really drive you crazy – your mail table, your kitchen drawer - and focus on those. Getting those areas cleared will give yourepparttar 117078 most satisfaction and motivation to keep going.

4) Fill a bag (or several!) to give to your favourite charity. Your clutter can mean a lot to someone who is in need. You get to feel twice as good once you've opened up space in your home as well as in your heart.

5) Keep up with your clutter - spending 5-10 minutes atrepparttar 117079 end ofrepparttar 117080 day putting things "back in their place" will save time, space and energy later on.

Now that you've read this article about clutter, are you ready to take action? What can you do differently this week to turn your clutter situation around?


Onrepparttar 117081 Web: The Fly Lady http://www.flylady.net

From your bookstore or library: Kingston, Karen (1999). Clear your clutter with Feng Shui. New York: Broadway Books. ISBN 0-7679-0359-5.

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Identifying Work At Home Success Characteristics

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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Whether you're breeding bird dogs, or race horses, or drafting college football players to play inrepparttar NFL...it's important to develop "markers" that can be very useful in predicting success. From my offline, traditional, business experience I have known this fromrepparttar 117075 get-go, but for some reason I was slow to learn (or, was it re-learn?) that identifyingrepparttar 117076 people with a high likelihood of success is even more important when developing an online network marketing business that depends upon teamwork.

Reflecting back on many ofrepparttar 117077 truly successful people I have worked with in network marketing, I made a list ofrepparttar 117078 numerous success factors that emerged when I assessed each person individually. After compilingrepparttar 117079 list, three factors seemed to stand out as beingrepparttar 117080 most common success indicators. In no particular order, these factors were:

*approachingrepparttar 117081 business with a long term perspective. It takes a lot of time to become an "overnight success"

*exhibitingrepparttar 117082 tenacity of a pit bull

*being able to riderepparttar 117083 emotional roller coaster (two steps forward and one step back) inrepparttar 117084 early stages of developing repparttar 117085 business

Just because a person has these characteristics, it does not ensure success and, onrepparttar 117086 flip side, a person is not necessarily doomed to failure just because he or she does not possess them all.

Kirk Bannerman operates a successful home based business and resides in California. For more details, visit his website at http://business-at-home.us

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