What's the word on the Stinger jump/break pool cue?

Written by Philip Downen

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So what'srepparttar big hubbub about? Outside ofrepparttar 143572 selling points listed,repparttar 143573 Stinger boasts quite a promise for performance including a patented tip/ferrule technology, and a special tip material.

The patented tip/ferrule technology used byrepparttar 143574 Stinger makes use of a "stinger" that projects downward through a hole inrepparttar 143575 center ofrepparttar 143576 ferrule (imagine a thumbtack). Upon impact,repparttar 143577 shock fromrepparttar 143578 hit travels throughrepparttar 143579 center ofrepparttar 143580 tip and downrepparttar 143581 stinger, passingrepparttar 143582 energy ofrepparttar 143583 impact straight torepparttar 143584 center ofrepparttar 143585 shaft, as opposed torepparttar 143586 ferrule.

The tip material used byrepparttar 143587 Stinger was developed specifically forrepparttar 143588 purpose of break/jumping. It is a high-performance proprietary material that DOES meetrepparttar 143589 Billiard Congress of America's specifications for jump/break tips. The tip material and ferrule material are, unlikerepparttar 143590 Sledgehammer, separate components. The tip/ferrule combination used by The Stinger promises a hit that sendsrepparttar 143591 shock downrepparttar 143592 center ofrepparttar 143593 shaft by means of Jerico Cues patented technology.

Ordering information forrepparttar 143594 new Stinger jump/break cues can be found onrepparttar 143595 following page: http://www.budgetcues.com/jerico-stinger.htm

Philip Downen has had many years of history in Billiards, and has recently taken to blogging and running a billiard ezine at http://www.billiardblogged.com/ .

How to Unleash Your True Golf Potential (Part 2)

Written by Craig LePage, CSCS, NASM-CPT

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Lack of Core Stability Transverse abdominals / Internal Oblique (weakness) - Strengthen Pelvic floor muscles (weakness) - Strengthen

The “Core” is where all movement begins. It is alsorepparttar controlling force behind an individual’s center of gravity. The core muscles supportrepparttar 143377 spine and pelvis and are an essential part of drivingrepparttar 143378 ball with power and accuracy.

Stabilization training increases communication betweenrepparttar 143379 nervous system andrepparttar 143380 muscular system which will result in increased joint stabilization during functional movements such as golf. Performing exercises that require balance such as single leg exercises, stability ball exercises or using unstable surface’s will increase neuromuscular efficiency (communication betweenrepparttar 143381 nervous system and muscular system).

The combination of corrective exercise, core training and stabilization training will greatly improve your ability to unleashrepparttar 143382 true potential of your golf game. A balanced posture, strong core and efficient joint stabilization will decrease any pain or discomfort in your swing and significantly improverepparttar 143383 power and accuracy of your game.

For additional information please contact (Craig LePage) craiglepage@yahoo.com Or log on to www.lakenormanfitness.com

Craig LePage, CSCS, NASM-CPT

Craig is a well-known Fitness Pro in the Charlotte, NC area with over 12 years experience. Craig has written for Charlotte, NC area Newspapers, authored his own fitness & nutrition program and is a frequent guest on a Charlotte area radio show that focus’ on health and wellness. He has co-authoring a golf specific exercise book (Play Better, Longer – Golf) and is working on his third book.

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