What's more important than the money in any contract you sign?

Written by Douglas Smith

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Don't turn down business. Often if you get a lawyer involved they do more to killrepparttar deal than help it. I suggest creating an escape hatch for an emergency.

There is another advantage in asking that question. Not only are you in a hurry to makerepparttar 119312 deal, but so isrepparttar 119313 other guy. In fact if you ask yourself, "How do I get out of this if things turn sour?" and you do not like repparttar 119314 answer you are reading, turn it to your advantage. Make a subtle suggestion to changerepparttar 119315 wording. The other guy will usually makerepparttar 119316 change if it does not look too bad because he is also is in a rush to makerepparttar 119317 deal.

In another article I will write about guerilla tactics to modifyrepparttar 119318 terms of those "Sorry I can't change it" preprinted form contracts people make you sign.

Douglas Smith is a Boston attorney. Practicing for over seven years, he was formerly a corporate counsel and is currently retained by a governmental agency to monitor the compliance of a billion-dollar restitution program being conducted by a major U.S. corporation. Contact him for a few complimentary suggestions. http://lawfirm.webjump.com

A New Lawsuit Filed Every 3 Seconds! Protect Yourself

Written by Carrie Solberg

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It's just begun to catch on in America, but it's a proven commodity in Europe, where some 40% ofrepparttar population has some type of protection. In fact, Germany boasts fewer lawsuits than almost any country inrepparttar 119311 world. Why? Partly because some 80% of Germans have a legal protection plan!

Where there's easy access to good legal advice, people tend to settle their problems without going to court. You, too, can have that peace of mind, because you'll know your rights will be protected, whether it's an unfulfilled contract, a defective product, an unfair traffic ticket, an incorrect credit report, preparing your will or facingrepparttar 119312 dreaded IRS audit!

Now, as a bonus, imagine that you could provide that peace of mind to others. Wouldn't that make getting out of bed every day worthwhile? It's possible because prepaid legal services is a fast growing industry that needs quality representatives who want to make a difference -- a positive difference -- inrepparttar 119313 lives of family, friends, neighbors and others. There are thousands of internet businesses out there, selling everything from herbal supplements to stock info.

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