What's in a Name?

Written by Adam Fletcher

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Basically when it comes down to it, I want you to imagine that you are a prospective customer, considering purchasing an item online from one of these "free hosted sites"... I'm guessing that at this point you are having serious second thoughts, am I right?


When a prospective customer is deciding whether to make a purchase at your site, one "strong consideration" they will make is on your Domain Name (or lack there-of). I am not saying that "what"repparttar domain name is matters so much as "the existence" ofrepparttar 149670 domain name. People look for that clean-cut .com or .net (etc) and if it is not present, they will strongly reconsider entrusting you with their credit card information.

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Great Web Hosting - What to Look For!

Written by Keith Thompson

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Ask friends and associates who they use. While their needs may be somewhat different than yours, basic issues such as support and uptime will be evident, as will cutomner satisfaction. Check out several ofrepparttar web hosting directories, as they maintain a wealth of current information regardingrepparttar 149669 specifics you're interested in. Come armed with a list of things you're looking for and narrow your choices down using this.

Make sure you can grow with this new host. Not only inrepparttar 149670 size of your current sites, but also number of domains and subdomains you can host there. If you're anything like me, I want to be able to getrepparttar 149671 most bang for my hosting buck!

In short, due your homework, check them out, do your part in knowing as specifically as possible what you're after, and make your choice. This could berepparttar 149672 beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Keith Thompson is the Webmaster of Web Hosting Providers a site reviewing and offering great choices for outstanding web hosting.

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