What's Your Handle?

Written by Jude Wright

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Of course, you will replace "youraffilaitelink.com" withrepparttar affiliate product link that you are promoting. Be careful to keeprepparttar 148232 "refresh" line all together, without adding extra spaces.

Save your page file name. Example: http://yoursitename/affiliateproduct.html. Uploadrepparttar 148233 page to your website server and use this URL in your ads or on your website.

2. Use one ofrepparttar 148234 many software programs, affiliate maskers, that will create your redirect pages for you. The advantage to using one of these programs is that your affiliate ID is encrypted and therefore hidden from anyone who tries to see it by viewingrepparttar 148235 source code on your site. Type "affiliate link cloaker" or "affiliate link masker" in your browser and take your pick.

3. Use a URL shortening service such as http://tinyurl.com or http://shorturl.com to shorten your links. This method is better than nothing, especially when you have one of those very long affiliate links.

4. Use an Ad Tracking Service or Script to create your advertising links. By rights, you should be tracking your ads anyway so you know which ones are working and which are not. This method is my preferred method since it cloaks your link and counts your hits both atrepparttar 148236 same time. Type "Ad Tracking" into your web browser to find hundreds.

There are other methods available that use scripts and frames pages to hide affiliate links. Most of these are quite complicated so I won't try to explain them here.

The point to this article? If you are going to sell affiliate products, ALWAYS hide your affiliate link. Even thoughrepparttar 148237 above methods are not 100% foolproof, you will get paid your commissions more often by using them. If you don't make it easy for them to "cheat," then they will be more likely to buy through your link - which is just what you want them to do!

Jude Wright is a webmaster, affiliate marketer and graphic designer. She welcomes you to her sites at http://i-marketingorganizer.com, http://aboutaffiliates.com and http://designsbyjude.com

Affiliate Marketing is a Brilliant Way to Begin On-line Marketing

Written by Colin thomson

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There are 1000's of Opportunities onrepparttar Internet today, so how do you know what programmes or opportunities are ethical and morally suited to you as an individual ? There are a number of ways I believe you can tell if it is safe and worthwhile getting involved with an Online Company.

How long have they been around ? Are they fly by nighters or have they been there for a number of years. Another key element is how arerepparttar 148081 owners regarded by others inrepparttar 148082 Internet Marketing Industry ? What doesrepparttar 148083 Opportunity offer you ? Arerepparttar 148084 promises too good to be true ? Chances are, they are too good to be True !!

Inrepparttar 148085 real world, Internet Marketing and becoming an Affiliate Marketer means we have to abide byrepparttar 148086 same business rules that have been around since Adam and Eve. To succeed properly you need to be self motivated, you need to understand your need for patience, persistance, endurance and you need to be teachable and you need good resources.

When you have these elements in balance, you will probably have found a Good and Proper, Affiliate Opportunity, you can belong to and be proud of yourself andrepparttar 148087 Firm.

Colin Thomson is a part time Affiliate Marketer and enjoys the business he has become involved with. He enjoys working in the evenings on the Internet. I can be found at http://www.cthomson.plus.com

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