What's Wrong With My Website?

Written by Michael Southon

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Here are some programs that will generate your Meta Tags for you:

WEBSITE GARAGE http://websitegarage.netscape.com urbocharge/metatag/

META MEDIC http://www.northernwebs.com/set/setsimjr.html

MULTI-META-MAKER http://www.multimeta.com ools/multimetamaker.html

6. Load Time

A slow-loading index page is one ofrepparttar main reasons for lost sales. The generally accepted maximum time for a page to load is around 15 seconds. Here is a free service that tells you how long your web page takes to load:

NETMECHANIC http://www.netmechanic.com/cobrands/FutureQuest/load_check.ht m

Your pages should be no more than about 30Kb in size. To calculaterepparttar 132040 size of your web page, highlightrepparttar 132041 HTML document and then click on 'File' and 'Properties' and note downrepparttar 132042 file size. Then dorepparttar 132043 same for any graphics you have on that page. Then add those figures together to get your page size.

If your page is less than 30Kb and takes more than 15 seconds to load,repparttar 132044 problem is most likely with your web host. The solution is to change web host. Here are 2 services that will checkrepparttar 132045 speed of your web host's server and compare it with other web hosts:

HOST COMPARE http://www.hostcompare.com esttools.htm

CNET WEBSERVICES http://webservices.cnet.com/ping/

7. GIF (or JPEG) Cruncher

Shrinkingrepparttar 132046 size of your images is one ofrepparttar 132047 best ways to get a faster-loading web page. You can usually reduce a GIF or JPEG image by 40% to 50% without losing any significant definition or sharpness.

SPINWAVE http://www.spinwave.com/crunchers.html

8. HTML Optimizer

Another way to make your page load faster is to compress (or optimize) your HTML code. An HTML Optimizer removes all blank spaces in your HTML code and also removes certain unnecessary tags.

On average, an HTML optimizer will reducerepparttar 132048 size of your page by 15% to 20%. That percentage may not seem much, butrepparttar 132049 saving in load time is much higher, as your visitor's browser will parse your page much more efficiently.

A word of caution: in most HTML Optimizers you will find an 'Options' menu that tellsrepparttar 132050 program to ignore certain parts of your code. Make sure your Optimizer does not compress embedded script tags - if they get compressed,repparttar 132051 script will usually not work.

ADVANCED HTML OPTIMIZER http://www.pcbit.com/htmlopt/


The WIDTH, HEIGHT and BORDER attributes are essential for each image that you have on your website. When you hyperlink an image, always make sure thatrepparttar 132052 BORDER attribute is set to zero (BORDER=0). If you don't do this, your hyperlinked image will have an ugly blue border around it.

The WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes allow your page to load faster, asrepparttar 132053 browser knows in advance how much spacerepparttar 132054 image requires. To find outrepparttar 132055 width and height of any image, just double click onrepparttar 132056 image file. This will automatically open 'Microsoft Photo Editor' - your image will appear, withrepparttar 132057 width and height of your image (in pixels) displayed onrepparttar 132058 tool bar.

10. HTML Validator

Always checkrepparttar 132059 validity of your HTML. Some Search Engines give lower rankings to pages that have poor quality HTML (such as incorrect nesting of elements).

Here are some free online validators:

HTML HELP http://www.htmlhelp.org ools/validator/

BOBBY http://www.cast.org/bobby/

WATSON http://watson.addy.com/

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Choosing A Web Site Content Management System

Written by Michael Park

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The final type of CMS is what I like to refer to as an integrated CMS. This type of Content Management Systems is built directly intorepparttar site during development. In order to make changesrepparttar 132037 web owner simply enters in a secure URL, logins and makes changes torepparttar 132038 site without having to know any HTML or FTP commands. Changes are instant and allrepparttar 132039 user needs is a web browser and access torepparttar 132040 Internet. This has been a very successful model for our company because it allows us to build web sites that empowerrepparttar 132041 web owners. Web owners can make changes to their sites as often as they like withoutrepparttar 132042 need for a high priced web developer. Of courserepparttar 132043 cost of a site with an integrated CMS will be a little higher butrepparttar 132044 overall cost of ownership ofrepparttar 132045 site will be dramatically reduced over time.

Regardless ofrepparttar 132046 model you choose web site owners must acknowledge that their web site does come with a Content Management System installed. An educated web site owner will ensure that their site has a CMS that allows them to getrepparttar 132047 most out their web site.

Michael Park, MBA MCP CEO/President DelOtto Systems Inc. Internet Development Solutions http://www.delottoinc.com mpark@delottoinc.com (607) 733-9966 Makers of WebHeadlines http://www.webheadlines.com FAX:(607) 271-9655

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