"What's The Big Fuss About Long Domain Names?"

Written by Alan Yap

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Don't get me wrong. I'm not against registering for long domain names. I just feel that we should see things in perspective. If you're getting a long domain name inrepparttar hope of securing a high search engine placement, err... based onrepparttar 108339 facts, please don't expect miracles.

So what should we look for when choosing a domain name? I use a simple "3 Es" guide:

1. Easy To Remember Yahoo is certainly easier to remember than AltaVista. No surprise why Yahoo is doing a LOT better.

2. Easy To Spell If you have a long domain name, be careful. One spelling mistake by a potential visitor is all you need to lose him forever.

3. Easy To Pronounce If your domain name is hard to pronounce, how do you expect people to spreadrepparttar 108340 word and tell others about it?

What dorepparttar 108341 3 Es have in common? They make things simple for your visitors! Our world is complex enough. We don't need another complex domain.

Must your domain name be relevant to your site content? Not necessarily. What hasrepparttar 108342 name "Yahoo" got to do with a search engine or a directory? And is there any real connection betweenrepparttar 108343 words "Amazon" and "books"?

Selecting a domain name is an extremely important step. So do it carefully.

Alan Yap, founding editor of ProfitJump.com. Alan offers free tips and strategies for effective Internet marketing. Visit now or subscribe at and receive 3 Bonus Reports, guaranteed.

Finding that Winning Combination...

Written by Bill Quimby

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These tools together with your creativity and thoroughness are extremely important, because you really canít expect to make a critical decision in your business without knowing what all ofrepparttar possibilities are.

Next after you have built a really creative and thorough list, check outrepparttar 108338 possibilities for one of those phone numbers. Unfortunately, there is no short cut or easier way to do this than simply to pick uprepparttar 108339 phone and call them all! Keep track of allrepparttar 108340 information you get, and look for ones that donít go through to an end customer or that go to recorded phone company messages. If it goes to an end customer thenrepparttar 108341 phone company canít get it for you, so only give themrepparttar 108342 list of ones that donít have any apparent customer. That doesnít mean that they will be available, they probably wonít but they are at least worth a try.

All phone companies work off basicallyrepparttar 108343 same database sorepparttar 108344 best place to start is usually where you already have an account. Then while they are checking onrepparttar 108345 phone numbers, look intorepparttar 108346 same possibilities onrepparttar 108347 domain names. Remember, with more and more new ventures springing up every minute, space onrepparttar 108348 net is getting tight and only going to get tighter but a good combination can literally transform your organization and even your industry! So rememberrepparttar 108349 two most important ingredients in coming up withrepparttar 108350 right name are CREATIVITY and PERSISTENCE!

If this doesnít work, visit http://www.TollFreeNumbers.com or just call 1-800 MARKETER. We specialize in getting 800 numbers whenrepparttar 108351 phone company says theyíre not available.

Bill Quimby billq@tollfreenumbers.com 1-800 MARKETER

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