What's So Special About You? Defining Your USP

Written by Lisa Packer

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If there really is something unique about your product or service, by all means focus on it. But it may be that your competition offers something very similar to you. That doesnít mean that you canít stand out. It just means that you have to find something to focus on that isnít already being talked about.

Go back over your list and cross outrepparttar benefits your competition claims. From whatís left, pick out five or six of your strongest entries.

Now, sit down and take a look at your target customer. What are her core beliefs and desires? What keeps her awake at night? Findrepparttar 145610 benefit that speaks most directly to her.

Boil that benefit down intorepparttar 145611 shortest sentence possible. Make it tight, use action verbs if you possibly can, and make it catchy.

Congratulations! You now have a USP that can (and should) be used in every marketing communication you issue. And your prospect has a reason to choose you overrepparttar 145612 competition.

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Simple Way To Become An Information Entrepreneur

Written by Jeff Smith

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Fiction authors take months (sometimes years) and a gazillion rewrites to work this into a format that is even close to being readable. Even then, less than 5% ever get their work looked at by a publisher.

Instead, writing in response to what your market wants to know is a task ANYONE can accomplish.

You do it everyday!

An interesting exercise to follow is to actually make note of how many questions you get asked and provide answers for in one day. I'm betting it is at least 10 - and if you have kids, a wife and a job - you are more likely inrepparttar range of 30-40.

Answer 30-40 questions on a given topic will give you close to half a book.

Answering a typical question in written form takes 2/3-1 page - answer 40 questions and you have close to half an 80-page book.

Your job is to...

Organize Your Market's Questions Into A Logical Set Of Answers

Did you seerepparttar 145540 word writing in that description?

No, because writing is simply a method of communication.

What you will sell are organized answers to your market's most pressing concerns, challenges and desires.

You could answer them verbally in audio products, through a tool in software, throughrepparttar 145541 written word in written products, or through visual descriptions using video.

If your obstacle to turning your ideas into hot selling products is writing - then forget writing - become an information organizer.

What a great career description - "Information Organizer". Isn't that a lot less scary than "author"?

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