What's IN and OUT For The Information Sales Industry In 2001

Written by Monique Harris

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Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines...repparttar next revolution in digital information delivery is about to begin!

OUT - Selling your information retail.

IN - Selling your information wholesale.

This one's not completely outrepparttar 132036 door just yet. But again if you're a forward thinker who wants to stay two steps ahead ofrepparttar 132037 competition, you'll give this 'IN' some serious thought.

The formula is very simple, and you've probably heard it before. Instead of promoting your infoproduct directly to repparttar 132038 consumer, you sellrepparttar 132039 reprint rights to a small number of people.

They pay you $1,000+ forrepparttar 132040 privilege, plus they promote repparttar 132041 product for you. You get major money up front and your name is still being circulated in a positive manner.

I tried this one in 2000 and quickly found out that you can make just as much money - (if not more) - selling wholesale as you can inrepparttar 132042 retail arena.

Granted, you could lose some profits inrepparttar 132043 long run. But if you're inrepparttar 132044 game to make a quick $50,000-$100,000, this technique has proven to be a winner for those authors who haverepparttar 132045 guts to give it a go.

OUT - Self-publishers who look and act like they don't care about their Web presence.

IN - Self-publishers who look and act professional.

If I were a reader looking for a good e-book, there would be several sites that I would have no other choice but to pass. As a somewhat savvy onliner, I have standards.

I never buy from online shops that don't have their own domains. Perhaps I'm just a snobby curmudgeon, but there's something really amateurish about hosting a business Web site in a freebie online community.

I never buy e-books that have ugly covers. I tell my clients that if they can't afford to hire an e-book cover designer for $100-$200, then they shouldn't have a cover at all. In my opinion, an ugly cover makesrepparttar 132046 book look 100 times worse than no cover!

Onrepparttar 132047 other hand, I do buy e-books that are described well onrepparttar 132048 Web site, sometimes with a table of contents, or description of each chapter. I do buy e-books from Web sites that have clean designs, and secure credit card forms.

And if these things make a difference to me, one can only imagine how other potential readers feel when they compare a cruddy self-published authors site, to that of a big publishing house.

If you want your work to be taken seriously... if you want people to pull out their credit cards and give you a piece ofrepparttar 132049 pie, then show your prospects that you mean business.

Make sure your site design is clean, have a secure order form, shell out a couple of dollars to have a great looking cover. The investment you make in your business is almost always rewarded with greater sales.

Monique Harris is the editor/publisher of "Digital Publishing & Promotion," a twice-weekly Webzine for authors, publishers and promoters who wish to sell more books - (print and electronic) - online. Visit her site at .

Internet Tip - Don't Count Your Hit's!

Written by Maria Marsala

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PAGE VIEWS: Every time someone views a page on your site,repparttar visit is also recorded in "page views". Example: One page with 4 pictures is equal to 1 page view.

UNIQUE URL'S: Every time someone views a page on your site, during a 24 hour period of time,repparttar 132032 page is logged as a unique URL. Example: One visitor viewing 1 page with 4 graphics would be counted at 4.

UNIQUE SITES: This isrepparttar 132033 number of unique visitors to your site. Example: Each visitor to your site during a one month period is counted as "1" unique site, no matter how many times they visited your site.

Just to show you howrepparttar 132034 numbers vary, below are some numbers from my site in September 2001.

Hits: 77,158 Page Views: 10,855 Unique URL's: 548 Unique Sites: 5347

Maria Marsala, Business & Life Coach-Consultant. Maria works with individuals as they design, start and grow their businesses or careers around what they love to do. Subscribe to "Growing You and Your Business" a free weekly online newsletter containing business, marketing, Internet or life tips and websites to visit. Subscribe at www.CoachMaria.com

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