What's Beyond Your USP?

Written by Joe Vitale

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"What we're really talking about here is building your own brand," Mark explained to me. "People are on your email list because they want to know about you and what you are doing. They are following Dr. Joe Vitale. Focusing on your brand is probably wiser than focusing on your USP at this time."

Mark is right, of course.

At a certain point in your business life you have to leaverepparttar USP and focus onrepparttar 147281 brand. After all, even Federal Express dropped their USP ("When you absolutely need it overnight"), and Dominio's also dropped their USP ("Fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or its free"). Now they live on their brand images.

So, where are you?

Do you have a USP? Is it truly unique? And have you had it long enough to drop it and now create a brand for yourself?

The way to answer these questions is like this:

1. If you already have a USP, good for you. Be sure it is truly unique. If no one else can makerepparttar 147282 claim you do, than it is unique.

2. If you have been using your USP with great success for more than ten years, you may be already building a brand image.

3. If your USP has been in circulation over ten years, your business is ripping and roaring and making you a millionaire, then you can consider going beyond your USP. It may be time to now focus on your brand.

Now take an honest look at your business.

Where do you stand?

The next step is yours.

Go for it!

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many books to list here. His latest title is "The Attractor Factor:

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Writing Articles For Fun And Profit

Written by Steve Gillman

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The Easiest Article Writing

Article writing isn't just for writers. Online articles are short and less formal than magazine articles anyhow, but if you really don't like writing, try a "list-article." This isrepparttar most popular type of article online, which is fortunate, because it's alsorepparttar 147280 easiest type to write.

For a site about making money on Ebay, you could write an article titled "The Top Ten Sellers On Ebay." A short introduction, a list with a sentence or two about each item, a bit about yourself and a link to your site, and you're done. Write "Six Mistakes People Make On Ebay," and we need to read that to avoidrepparttar 147281 mistakes, right? Some article banks charge fees, but there are many that are free. There are also more ways to generate traffic with your articles. That's this article's "tease" to get you torepparttar 147282 site.

Steve Gillman writes on many money-related topics. To learn more, and to subscribe for FREE to "Web Site Optimization Secrets," go to: http://www.TheMoneyMakerSite.com

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