What’s All This DAB Radio Stuff Anyway?

Written by Ian Poole

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The sound compression uses techniques that conform torepparttar MPEG standards. Alsorepparttar 133412 radio transmission uses a form of signal modulation known as Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex or COFDM. Hererepparttar 133413 data representingrepparttar 133414 sounds andrepparttar 133415 other data to be transmitted is spread across a large number of close spaced radio signals. By spreadingrepparttar 133416 data over a wide frequency in this wayrepparttar 133417 whole transmission is less susceptible to noise and other forms of interference including fading and multi-path interference.

Multipath interference results when signals are reflected from objects such as hills and buildings and several signals fromrepparttar 133418 transmitter arrive atrepparttar 133419 receiver, all at slightly different times because they have travelled over slightly different paths and have taken slightly different times to travel. For VHF FM this is a particular problem and often results inrepparttar 133420 signal becoming distorted. DAB digital radio is able to combine allrepparttar 133421 signals, and makerepparttar 133422 overall reception more robust.

Naturallyrepparttar 133423 technology to enable all this to happen makesrepparttar 133424 radio receivers more complicated. Howeverrepparttar 133425 improvements in integrated circuit technology in recent years have enabledrepparttar 133426 required capabilities to be built into a radio for a reasonable cost. It is also expected to fall further as DAB becomes better established.

Summary DAB Digital Radio is a great improvement overrepparttar 133427 analogue transmissions that are broadcast. Offeringrepparttar 133428 possibility of better quality audio, accompanying data, push button tuning and no requirement to re-tune when moving from one service area torepparttar 133429 next, it is certainly provides a considerable improvement overrepparttar 133430 older analogue broadcasts. By offering all these facilities, it sets DAB digital radio in a position to take over asrepparttar 133431 new form of broadcasting forrepparttar 133432 21st Century.

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Encountering the third generation of DVD format

Written by Dana Scripca

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As for these two vying formats, both use a blue laser (contrary to red laser for DVDs). The blue laser has a shorter wavelength leading to finer signal markings onrepparttar optical media. Moreover, a shorter wavelength, associated with advanced compression process, prompts a higher storage capacity. Whereas HD-DVD holds 30 gigabytes, Blu-ray holds 50 gigabytes on a double-layer disc.

Professional video industry is one ofrepparttar 133411 most prosperous. Not surprisingly, engineers and manufacturing professionals, producers, video and audio professionals, web developers, broadcasters, directors, DVD authors, editors, graphic artists, gather on annual worldwide electronics and digital video exhibitions to learnrepparttar 133412 newly techniques, technologies, capabilities, advantages related to their industry. There are seven major exhibitions: DV-Expo, Mediacast, DVD Europe, DVD Replication Exhibition, DVD Summit - Midle East Asia, Media-Tech, Production-Show.

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