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Written by Fred Renoudet

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Probably not. When you have advice from best minds of Internet Marketing and you follow one plan, does that mean you will be successful? Maybe - in time.

"Wait a minute", you are probably saying to yourself. "I read all that material; how can you say I won't be just likerepparttar guruh"?

Of course you can if.... Let me ask YOU a couple of questions .

You go to some big book store - you buy a book by Tiger Woods on golf techniques -

Can you now play like Tiger Woods just because you read his book?

Do you think he learned to play like that from a book or from applyingrepparttar 117637 Right Stuff.... a desire,repparttar 117638 willingness to try, dedication and anticipation ofrepparttar 117639 goal ?

It's exactlyrepparttar 117640 same for everyone. Is your own goal worth your effort, or are you just going to give it all to your boss so HIS memories will be rich?

Read whatrepparttar 117641 experts tell you. Make a plan. Apply it. Then learn from your mistakes. Don't give up...repparttar 117642 goal is often "just aroundrepparttar 117643 bend" but many people quit too soon and never know how close to it they really were.

What are You going to do for your own future? What's it worth to you?

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Health Insurance for the Self-Employed - Protecting Your Business's Greatest Asset

Written by Elena Fawkner

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Asrepparttar balance can be carried forward, an MSA can be used to accumulate a pretty healthy nest egg for retirement. In fact, a Journal of Financial Planning analysis calculated that if you contribute $1,500 per year into an MSA for 25 years, assuming a 12% rate of return, you'll end up with almost $1.5 million. That's assuming you don't draw from it to pay for medical costs, of course.

There are some limitations though. First,repparttar 117636 range of deductibles is limited to $1,500 - $2,250 for individuals and $3,000 - $4,500 for a family. Second, as we saw above, you can contribute only 65% ofrepparttar 117637 deductible as an individual or 75% for a family.

So, if you're an individual and you choose a policy with a $2,000 deductible, you'll be able to contribute 1,300 pre-tax dollars into an MSA each year. In other words, Uncle Sam pays for part of your health insurance/retirement fund. How fitting.

The money inrepparttar 117638 MSA can be used to pay any medical expenses incurred beforerepparttar 117639 deductible is reached, as well as other eligible costs such as contact lenses and dental work. If you userepparttar 117640 money for anything else, you must not only pay tax onrepparttar 117641 amount withdrawn, but a 15% penalty onrepparttar 117642 top. (If you're over 65 when you makerepparttar 117643 withdrawalrepparttar 117644 penalty is not applied but you'll still have to payrepparttar 117645 tax.)

(Byrepparttar 117646 way, MSAs are also available to you if you work for a business with fewer than 50 employees.)

In short then, MSAs offer a very tax-effective and potentially lucrative way to self-fund part of your health care costs while dramatically reducing your premiums. If luck is on your side and you remain healthy, byrepparttar 117647 time you reach retirement age, your MSA could well fund your retirement.

Pretty neat.

=> Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction

Finally,repparttar 117648 self-employed can write off 70% of their health insurance premiums in 2002. This increases to 100% in 2003. That's only so long asrepparttar 117649 total doesn't exceedrepparttar 117650 net profit from your Schedule C minus deductions for one half ofrepparttar 117651 self- employment tax and Keogh, SEP and Simple contributions though.

Also,repparttar 117652 deduction can only be claimed for months when you weren't eligible to participate in a subsidized health plan from another employer (including your spouse's employer).

Self-employed workers who qualify for bothrepparttar 117653 self-employed health deduction andrepparttar 117654 itemized medical deduction can write offrepparttar 117655 other 30% this year on Schedule A. (Medical expenses are deductible on Schedule A only torepparttar 117656 extent they exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income.)


The foregoing is all well and good if you're able to get health insurance inrepparttar 117657 first place. But what if you have a pre- existing condition that disqualifies you from an individual health plan and you can't get into a group plan? In other words, you can't get insurance at any price.


Although beyondrepparttar 117658 scope of this article,repparttar 117659 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) may offer you some protections. For more information about how HIPAA may help you obtain health insurance even if you have a pre-existing condition, visit http://www.hcfa.gov/medicaid/hipaa/content/hipsteps.asp .

=> Risk Pools

High-risk health insurance plans, also known as risk pools, are state-funded plans and are an important safety net for individuals who are denied health insurance because of a medical condition. They're available only in 29 states though.

To be eligible, you must be a resident ofrepparttar 117660 state from which you seek coverage (unless there's reciprocity between that state andrepparttar 117661 state you reside in) and you must be able to prove at least one ofrepparttar 117662 following:

1. that you've been rejected for similar health insurance coverage by at least one insurer; or

2. you're presently insured with a higher premium; or

3. you're presently insured with a rider or rated policy.

You will not be eligible for participation in a risk pool if:

1. you're not a resident ofrepparttar 117663 state from which you seek coverage (again subject to reciprocity between states); or

2. you're eligible for Medicare or Medicaid; or

3. you've terminated previous coverage inrepparttar 117664 plan unless at least 132 months have since elapsed; or

4. you're an inmate of a public institution.

For more information on risk pools in your state, contact your state health insurance department,repparttar 117665 national association "Communicating for Agriculture andrepparttar 117666 Self- Employed" (1-800-432-3276) or visit http://www.selfemployedcountry.org .

Coverage viarepparttar 117667 safety-net protections ofrepparttar 117668 HIPAA may end up being "risk-pool" coverage.

=> Healthcare Savings Programs

Healthcare savings programs are patient advocacy programs that minimize out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

They're not insurance policies but rather programs that allow you to access networks of healthcare providers forrepparttar 117669 same negotiated rates that large insurance companies enjoy. Savings range from 20% to 50%.

Not ideal but better than nothing. Also, since they're not insurance policies, all pre-existing conditions are accepted.

A modest monthly fee is usually required to participate. See, for example, Care Entree at http://www.careentree.com for $20 per month.

Although health insurance may seem like a luxury you just can't afford if your finances are already stretched to breaking point thanks to your home-based business, you never know what's aroundrepparttar 117670 corner. Quite simply, you and your business can't afford not to have health (and disability) insurance.

You are your business's greatest asset. Protect it.


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Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions forrepparttar 117673 work-from-home entrepreneur. http://www.ahbbo.com Also, visit Elena's newest site, Web Work From Home http://www.web-work-from-home.com

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur. http://www.ahbbo.com Also, visit Elena's newest site, Web Work From Home http://www.web-work-from-home.com

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