Wellness Coach Reveals Celebrity Diet

Written by Carmellita M. Brown

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Therefore, as a Wellness Coach for 5 years, I am revealingrepparttar secret diet. The diet requires that your blood maintains a pH level of 7.365. This pH level allows forrepparttar 143175 liver to function at top performance throughoutrepparttar 143176 day. In order to accomplish this, you must eat as many alkalizing foods as possible. These foods include raw alkalizing nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains, and fruit. The key is eating these foods inrepparttar 143177 right combination throughoutrepparttar 143178 day will help you maintain proper pH levels. The diet also includes minerals and phyto-nutrients that promote good cellular health.

Some people inrepparttar 143179 diet industry have tried to formulate pills, shakes, drinks, and powders to “trick”repparttar 143180 body to believe it is atrepparttar 143181 proper pH level, but their efforts have proven not to make good scientific sense. With proper pH levels, you must have appropriate enzymes inrepparttar 143182 liver to metabolize and breakdown fats.

The truth is, we can live our lives leaping from one fad diet torepparttar 143183 next. However, we will never lose weight permanently and maintain optimal health until we understand how to do it. By learning howrepparttar 143184 skills to maintain optimal liver health, I have personally witness many people who have lost 10 pounds in just two weeks, I have witnessed people lose 180 pounds in just one year. I have personally lost over 60 pounds and kept it off for 5 years now.

Perhaps, you are not a celebrity or filthy rich, but you deserve to know how you can lose weight, reverserepparttar 143185 aging process, maintain your youthful vigor, and get fit. It’s not too

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Calcium for Weight Loss

Written by Michael Lewis

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"What perhaps is important about this is that they are in a period of rapid growth, and because of that growth there is an opportunity to modify their body composition," says Novotny. "It setsrepparttar stage for future body composition."

High body fat and obesity is associated with many health risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Calcium's fat-fighting power is not fully understood

----------------------------------------------- The exact mechanism behind calcium's fat-fighting power is not fully understood, but previous research in animals suggests that high levels of calcium inrepparttar 143000 bloodstream slow down fat production and help shiftrepparttar 143001 body's focus from accumulating fat to breaking it down.

Registered dietitian Althea Zanecosky saysrepparttar 143002 old adage, "like mother, like daughter" usually doesn't apply to weight control methods, but this study shows that it can.

"As a dietitian, I'm really thrilled because here's a food we're trying to get them to eat for other reasons, and now here's this added bonus," says Zanecosky, who is also spokeswoman forrepparttar 143003 American Dietetic Association.

"Preventing bone disease coming years down road might not be an incentive for girls," Zanecosky tells WebMD. "But for those concerned about their weight, this is one more reason for them to drink their milk because it may also have this beneficial effect on their weight."

Sneak extra doses of calcium-rich foods into your children's diet

----------------------------------------------- Zanecosky says it's not hard for parents to sneak extra doses of calcium-rich foods into their children's diet. As a mother of two adolescent daughters herself, she finds repparttar 143004 following "tricks" especially effective in her own children:

Grab a decaffeinated cappuccino with your teenager as an after-school snack.

Send yogurt along with their lunch, as a snack, or have it for breakfast (no-fat or low-fat versions of many yogurts are also available for weight-conscious kids).

Whip up fruit smoothies with skim milk or yogurt.

Sprinkle reduced-fat grated cheeses on salads.

Incorporate low-fat shredded cheese blends into dinner entrees, such as Mexican cheeses on fajitas and tacos, Italian cheeses on pasta, etc.

If your child doesn't like plain milk, offer flavored milks such as chocolate or strawberry.

"This is one potentially trendy diet that's healthy. You can control fat and get strong bones at same time. I don't know of any other diets can make that claim," says Zanecosky. "You can't lose anything but pounds."

Source: WebMD

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------------ Michael Lewis has been collecting articles and information on Weight Loss and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and related health benefits. He has created and edits numerous web sites about this subject. Michael is a staff writer for www.ageforce.com and several other websites.

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