Written by Charmaine Saunders

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Where is it to be found? Where it always resides - inside each of us. Right now, we need some extra awareness of its existence and a reminder that we carryrepparttar seeds of peace always and ever with us. This is a time of greater need for meditation in whatever form appeals, more communing with nature, more time spent with loved ones as we are daily reminded ofrepparttar 136801 fragility of life, more reflection uponrepparttar 136802 things that really matter inrepparttar 136803 end.

In practical terms, we can ward off stress overload by effective time management, keeping things in perspective, not giving in to negative thinkiing and fear, moderating our schedules and living habits, staying in touch with joy.


A very under-rated emotion. Itís not deep and intense like anger or jealousy and it sounds a bit fluffy like delight or curiosity. Yet, for me, joy isrepparttar 136804 centre of existence because it isrepparttar 136805 essence of our life-force and offers such gifts as creativity, sexuality and spirituality. Allrepparttar 136806 best things come from joy. So, if youíre in touch with your own wellspring of joy, how can you fail to also have wellbeing?

Joy is present inrepparttar 136807 midst of tragedy, death, sorrow, disappointment, conflict, anger, violence. It is an integral part ofrepparttar 136808 human condition so it can never be absent from our endeavours, our daily lives and even our pain. We are after all, creatures of contradiction, of polarity, are we not? Our lives are always walked onrepparttar 136809 tightrope of contrasting desires and energies; hencerepparttar 136810 desire for addiction, excesses, oblivion. Itís a constant balancing act and some people falter more readily and reach out for negative remedies that poison rather than cure.

Psychological health is walkingrepparttar 136811 fine line betweenrepparttar 136812 darkness andrepparttar 136813 light, between our shining selves and our negative egos. Itís there betweenrepparttar 136814 contrasts that we find true wellness. It is a place of healing and serenity, not of struggle and exertion. In a nutshell, we all basically try too hard at life - too hard to be happy, to be successful, to be beautiful, to be loved, to be secure, to be safe - all myths. But joy is not. It is our constant gift in an ever-changing world, totally effortless and free. When we cannot feel joy, we are separated fromrepparttar 136815 best part of ourselves.


We are never without love whether we have family and friends, whether weíre in a relationship or whether weíre considered lovable or not. Like joy, love is a birthright and therefore, resides deep within us at all times. All you have to do is access it and you need never again feel alone or lonely, isolated or rejected

Once you feel that love within yourself, youíll easily love others, attract love to yourself from outside and find more things around you to love. The world will look likerepparttar 136816 amazing place it is despiterepparttar 136817 horrors of war, poverty, crime, violence and natural disasters. You will indeed see through rose-coloured glasses but not ones by which you disguiserepparttar 136818 ugliness; rather thatrepparttar 136819 love you feel will shine out for others to see and in turn, your own vision will be brighter. Life takes on a different glow andrepparttar 136820 bridge between you andrepparttar 136821 rest ofrepparttar 136822 world will seem less large. If youíve never experienced this, I urge you to try working fromrepparttar 136823 inside out and start sensingrepparttar 136824 peace and harmony you have at your disposal every day of your life. Love isrepparttar 136825 ultimate high!

Overall wellness is not just possible, it is readily attainable if we just let it be, if we own our joy and love ourselves enough to let life be easy.

Some readers may be struggling with disability, disease, loss, financial hardship and so on. Where isrepparttar 136826 wellness in these conditions, you might ask. Well, no-one ownsrepparttar 136827 territory of your mind except you. Even inrepparttar 136828 darkest prison, you always haverepparttar 136829 illumination of your inner beauty. Be there and you will feel your own presence, your inner comfort and that, isrepparttar 136830 meaning of true wellbeing.

Dr Charmaine Saunders is a therapist, columnist, magazine and online contributor, lecturer and author of 6 self-help books. Her web site is at www.charmainesaunders.com

What to look for in good Health Insurance

Written by Mike Spencer

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medical emergency medically necessary accidental injury experimental or investigational pre certification pre-existing condition, and reasonable and customary

These words and any words that are open to interpretation should be regarded with wariness. Find out how your health insurance company defines each of these.

Finally, findrepparttar section describingrepparttar 136610 procedures you must follow in order for your insurance company to reimburse you. These policy conditions or prerequisites are typically worded in a positive tone. Read through each condition carefully, make notes and call your health insurance company with any questions.

You should also compare health insurance contracts before you sign one. In order to compare exclusions, take two policy contracts and findrepparttar 136611 exclusions sections. If you want to compare a number of health insurance contracts then you could use an online service.

After you obtain your free quote forrepparttar 136612 health coverage you desire, apply for it online, and you'll obtain allrepparttar 136613 information that you'll need to compare exclusions of each health insurance policy (though sometimes this will require more research.)

Mike Spencer recently became unemployed and moved into self employment. He was forced to find his own health insurance plan to protect his family. It wasn't as easy as he first thought. Here he shares the pitfalls of various plans and what you need to look out for when picking a good plan for you: http://www.1st-for-health-insurance.com/articles/what-is-health-insurance.html

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