Well, Well, Well: A Deep Topic

Written by Sandi Lynn

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The Process upsets some folks simply because it is free. That?s part of our corruption. Selling Band Aids to injured people is a big industry, especially if you first aggravate their hurt through clever advertising.

The Process is "uplifting" in that it scientifically helpsrepparttar frog raise itself fromrepparttar 123915 bottom torepparttar 123916 top ofrepparttar 123917 well, to ground level. There,repparttar 123918 integrity ofrepparttar 123919 sky and landscape registers inrepparttar 123920 frog's perceptions, psyche and relationships. In bright sunlightrepparttar 123921 frog benefits and grows as one might expect. This is not fantasy. The "frog raising" process exists, works and is easily accessible.

All people deserve to enjoyrepparttar 123922 personal and environmental benefits described inrepparttar 123923 Article. Many of us deprive ourselves of them simply because we look askance atrepparttar 123924 frog raising Process. It threatens deeply rooted "plate sky" beliefs. One might thinkrepparttar 123925 article describes an illicit affair rather than a useful breakthrough. Sadly, it would be better received if it did.

Your challenge is to readrepparttar 123926 article with an open mind and heart. It is not much longer than this essay. You could share, publish, or network it with interested people. Perhaps there are other ways you could lend whatever support you feel will enablerepparttar 123927 public to benefit fromrepparttar 123928 Processrepparttar 123929 article describes. That way, you could make a difference. Surely one is needed.

We must help each other cope withrepparttar 123930 extraordinary deceitfulness that presently erodes us and our world. Does it revolt you or have you, like many others, masteredrepparttar 123931 art of shrugging?

A few years back, I was sick with feeling helpless to do something about our corruption. Just being able to let people know about this Article makes me feel better and more hopeful. As I use and teachrepparttar 123932 Process it describes, this feeling increases and for good reason. The process works beautifully.

The article is located at http://www.peacewithearth.org/article.html

Sandi Lynn The prize winning author of four books and numerous articles about educating and counseling with Nature, Dr. Michael Cohen serves as distance learning ecopsychology faculty at several Universities and an Institute that serves as an NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

An Obstacle to Success

Written by Myrtis Smith

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3. Identify exactly what you are afraid of. As long as your self-doubt and fear remain general and nebulous you will never be able to overcome them. Only by articulating exactly what it is that you are afraid of, are you able to develop a game plan to conquer that fear. "I'm afraid of failing" isn't enough. Dig deeper; figure out EXACTLY what you're afraid of. Are you scared of being broke, looking foolish, or not having enough knowledge? Once you pinpoint exactly what is holding you back, you can create a strategy to minimize your risk. For example, if your fear is of being broke, then you may want to pay extra close attention torepparttar financial part of your business plan and work to minimize your personal spending. If you fear is of not having enough knowledge then you want to build your available resources and have outside experts that you can draw on.

A little bit of self-doubt or nervousness helps to keep you humble, but too much self-doubt however, can be paralyzing.

"Andrepparttar 123914 day came whenrepparttar 123915 risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful thanrepparttar 123916 risk it took to blossom." (Anais Nin )

Myrtis Smith is a personal coach. Her mission is to help people create their preferred future and have fun doing it. Sign up for her free newsletter Change Now! at www.premeditatedlife.com .......because life doesn't just happen!

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