Welcoming Your Website Visitors

Written by Lisa Packer

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You see, your date desperately wanted to go out with you, but you had no way of knowing that because she didn't speak to you. She didn't invite you in. So neither of you got what you wanted.

The same sad story happens over and over onrepparttar web. Customers come to your site, hoping you are what they are looking for. But if all they see when they get there are nice graphics,repparttar 140883 vast majority are leaving unfulfilled.

Speak to them instead! Add some nice, welcoming, persuasive copy. Tell them why you are what they've been searching for. Lead them byrepparttar 140884 hand, and tell them why they should begin a relationship with you.

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How You Can Avoid The New Dangers Of Spam

Written by Jeff Smith

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3. Mix of spam and phishing. If you haven't heard of phishing before, it refers torepparttar misleading emails you get dressing themselves up to look like legitimate emails to get confidential, often financial, information from you. Some common examples arerepparttar 140852 Paypal or Bank emails that claim you need to login with your private information to verify contact information or update account information. In reality, this is a malicious third party that steals your private information and can cause you MAJOR identity and financial problems.

So what can we do about this?

It's time to get serious about spam blocker software - as a first line of defense. Regulation isn't working, while it is getting tougher and tougher to quickly decide what is spam and what is not in your inbox and as we have seen,repparttar 140853 stakes are getting higher.

There are hundreds of shareware, freeware and otherware solutions onrepparttar 140854 market,repparttar 140855 time for experimentation is over. In my trials of over 12 different spam blocker solutions, we found incredible variance inrepparttar 140856 reliabiltiy, effectiveness leading to our finding that there were only a small handful of serious spam blocker solutions. For our findings, feel free to visit our review page over at: http://www.blockmorespam.com/spam_blocker_software.html

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