Welcome to the iPod Generation

Written by William Frazier

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I say all of this to let you see that I possibly 'might' know what I'm talking about when I say there's a change coming. There are a lot of young adults enteringrepparttar 'disposable income' criteria. They are examining things a lot differently than their predecessors. They are looking forrepparttar 147286 "cool factor". If you don't have a 'cool factor' built into your marketing mix, pretty soon you're gonna have a pretty hard time making sales. Unless you plan on staying exactly where you are atrepparttar 147287 moment. Many feel comfortable and are reluctant to change. Myself; well, I see change as a welcomed invitation to innovation and invention. Its an exciting time!

You, me, we all need to take this coming inevitability into serious consideration forrepparttar 147288 longevity of our business(es). It would behoove you to take heed to these words; even though I can't really "prove" it to you... but you'll see. Mark my words. :)

Peace, Love and Prosperity, William

William Frazier

William is a professional musician, producer and web developer with several CD and business credits under his belt. PUSHlogs and Credit Repair Central. This article may be freely reprinted online with this resource box intact. 2005, tHg, LLC. All rights reserved.

Inner Directed Marketing -- A New Way to Prosper in Tough Times

Written by Joe Vitale

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Letting go is whererepparttar magic happens. Letting go means you are okay getting your intention AND you are okay if you don't get it. It's a state of cool detachment. It's a state of neutrality toward your intention: You WANT it but you don't NEED it. When you release your intention torepparttar 147285 world, you are releasing a "magic spell" that will stirrepparttar 147286 energy of all that is to do your bidding. Now this doesn't mean you don't DO anything. Instead, what it means is that you act onrepparttar 147287 impulses you get andrepparttar 147288 opportunities you receive. By doing so, you'll be brought torepparttar 147289 thing you want---or to something even better.

In another email to me from Joe Sugarman (used here with his permission), he clarified this two-step process by explaining it this way:

"Having established in your own mindrepparttar 147290 power of thought, let us say you then createrepparttar 147291 energy (thought) and let it go. It goes throughrepparttar 147292 universe with a power and a fury that you wouldn't believe. Butrepparttar 147293 second key here is that you don't want to dwell on what you've just let go or keep visualizing it or even keep thinking about it. Why? Because it interferes withrepparttar 147294 perfection ofrepparttar 147295 universe to manifest exactly what you want to accomplish."

Still confused?

I'm with you. I was confused at first, too. This two step process is just as strange asrepparttar 147296 five-step one in my "Spiritual Marketing" book, orrepparttar 147297 wishing one, or angels one, of my friends.

The thing is, all these methods work. They work for me, and I have a dozen books, several audiotapes, a country estate, and a luxury sports car to prove it. And they work for Joe Sugarman, who has built an empire. In fact, these "inside out" methods work for allrepparttar 147298 quietly daring business people who practice this white magic approach to marketing.

Want more proof?

Take Bob Scheinfeld. He'srepparttar 147299 author of "The Invisible Path to Success." He says his very spiritual method was used to build Fortune 500 companies, help a computer store jump from $90 million to $350 million in sales, and help a software company leap from $1.27 million to $21.8 million in sales.

Talk about hard evidence!

I could probably quote from a thousand books at this point. I'll just reach over and grab a book I am currently reading: "Immortal Man" by Neville. Here's what that great New Thought teacher said in one of his lectures:

"First, have a dream, and by a dream I mean a day dream, a glorious, wonderful day dream. Then ask yourself, 'What would it be like if it were true that I am nowrepparttar 147300 man I am dreaming I would like to be. What would it be like?' Then catchrepparttar 147301 mood ofrepparttar 147302 wish fulfilled and drench yourself with that feeling. Then for all your tomorrows try torepparttar 147303 best of your ability to walk faithful to that assumption, and I am telling you from my own experience, in a way that no one knows, it will come and it will come suddenly."

It's truly that easy. And you don't have to talk to angels to make it happen!

In fact, you can probably reduce all these methods and all these steps to just one approach to making your dreams come true: Be happy.

That's right. Be happy.

As my friend Barry Neil Kaufman wrote in his wonderful book, "Power Dialogues": "You can get what you want without needing it to be happy."

He says when you are happy, you are more inclined to go for, and get, your dreams. And if for some reason you don't manifest your goal, well, you're still happy!

I've always felt there was an escalator through life. I've found it. And I just showed you where it is.

Won't you step up and enjoyrepparttar 147304 ride?


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