Weight Loss in Children

Written by Cass Hope

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vegetables because they are healthy for them. Keepingrepparttar junk food out ofrepparttar 141629 house isrepparttar 141630 best way to make sure they are not eating it. I don’t mean that an occasional treat is not ok butrepparttar 141631 key word here is “occasional.” Watch their fat intake. Pre packaged foods and fast foods are very high in fat especially Trans fats which are very dangerous. More and more companies have realized this danger and are offering Trans fat free foods. Get your child involved in physical activities. Today our children’s lives often revolve around television, video games and computers. The common negative denominator here is that they all involve just sitting. These are all excellent ways to help our children with their weight. There is a big difference between healthy weight loss and a diet. A diet is something negative that makes children feel focused on their size rather than their health. Diet does not mean healthy it means getting thin any way possible, which is exactlyrepparttar 141632 opposite of what we want our kids to believe. What you teach your kids when they are young about eating habits isrepparttar 141633 seed you plant for their future and giving our children good health is in my opinion our responsibility.

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Cass Hope is a registered massage therapist who has studied and counseled in nutrition. Cass regularly contributes to online and offline publications dealing with weight loss and nutrition. She is currently sponsoring this site: http://www.naturalsuccess.info

Weight Gain = Poor Quality of Life

Written by Michael Lewis

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"The message of even maintaining weight is a very important preventive goal," says awachi. "If you can prevent adding a couple of pounds a year, it would translate into a health gain in terms of function, as well asrepparttar known risk factors for cardiovascular and related health."

Being Overweight Increases Risks Of Health Disorders ------------------------------------------------------ Physicians know that being overweight increasesrepparttar 141197 risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes among other disorders.

The study cites national statistics showing that overrepparttar 141198 past 15 years,repparttar 141199 average weight of Americans has increased by nearly eight pounds.

Ofrepparttar 141200 patients involved inrepparttar 141201 study, close to 40% ofrepparttar 141202 women gained between 5 and 20 pounds, approximately 40% maintained their weight, and just over 15% lost between 5 and 20 pounds. The women ranged in age from 47 to 71, with an average age of 58, and were followed for four years.

Franca Alphin, director ofrepparttar 141203 Duke University Diet & Fitness Center, says learning to maintain weight is as important as taking it off.

"The majority of people know how to lose weight but not maintain weight loss," says Alphin. "The challenge to someone losing weight is to maintain weight, andrepparttar 141204 challenge for people with normal weight is to maintain it." She says part ofrepparttar 141205 center's weight-loss program is defined periods of weigh maintenance. "When someone reaches their goal weight, typically other issues in their lives that have been on hold come back, and food can be reinstated as a crutch, so maintaining weight becomes more important."

The Bottom Line In Dieting Is Calories --------------------------------------------------------- Alphin advises a daily diet of 1,200-1,500 calories and an ultimate exercise goal of 30 minutes three or four days per week. "The bottom line in dieting is calories. You have to be aware of portions and over consumption regardless of what foods you choose to eat."

Source: WebMD

About The Author ---------------- Michael Lewis has been collecting articles and information on Weight Loss and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and related health benefits. He has created and edits numerous web sites about this subject. Michael is a staff writer for www.ageforce.com

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