Weight Loss equals behavior change - The Acceptance Factor

Written by Greg Ryan

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Circumstances: We all know that life is not fair. Eating properly and exercising comes easier for some than for others. We can accept our circumstances without falling victim to them. There are plans that can be created in order to work around events in life.

Truth and reality of your life: A lot of times it is much easier to deny reality than to accept it. You can cloudrepparttar truth and say you believe this or that, but sooner or later in order for you to get in better shape you have to deal withrepparttar 148034 TRUTH, notrepparttar 148035 illusion!

Illusions can sink your dreams: Rememberrepparttar 148036 story ofrepparttar 148037 Titanic;repparttar 148038 ship advertised “unsinkable.” It wasrepparttar 148039 largest ship ever built and people rushed to takerepparttar 148040 maiden voyage. Much to everyone’s surprise,repparttar 148041 Titanic did sink, but why did it sink? The captain ofrepparttar 148042 Titanic sawrepparttar 148043 dangerous iceberg ahead and steered away thinking he could avoid it. What he didn’t see wasrepparttar 148044 enormous mass of ice underrepparttar 148045 surface.

In order to change attitudes toward exercise you have to check underrepparttar 148046 surface. It takes time, effort, and energy, and in some cases, outside professional assistance to get torepparttar 148047 TRUTH ofrepparttar 148048 matter…to see what is below, admit it is there and bring it up torepparttar 148049 surface. If you have a hard time following through on an eating plan, chances are barriers have formed, and stop you from smooth sailing. You are resisting exercise!

Changing your unwanted behaviors toward exercise and food is like looking at an iceberg. What is really happening is belowrepparttar 148050 surface not above. I call thisrepparttar 148051 iceberg effect.

Greg Ryan best selling author ofrepparttar 148052 Changing fromrepparttar 148053 "INSIDE OUT", former employee of Kathy Smith and a high profile fitness expert. Discoverrepparttar 148054 five step common sense way to lose weight thatrepparttar 148055 medical and fitness industries DON’T want you to know. FREE Mini Course => www.resolutions.bz

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smith.

The A Factor – The Secret to keeping your weight loss program going!

Written by Greg Ryan

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You get frustrated because you are trying to fight a battle you can't win with something fast and easy. It's called aging. You blame aging on other things in hopes there is something out there that you can do or take that will get yourepparttar results you want inrepparttar 148033 shortest amount of time. The truth is while good looks are a good measurement; they are only perks inrepparttar 148034 big picture.


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Next you ask for directions and support. This may berepparttar 148035 make or break it area in your success in getting in better shape. When developing a good support system, there are important things to remember. Here are a few things to mark off your checklist when you are building personal fitness accountability.

What kind of people do you associate with? ***Toxic - Non-supportive, pessimistic, victim mentality. ***Non-Toxic - Encouraging, happy, forward thinkers. Do you consider yourself to be a prideful person? (Is it hard for you to ask for directions? ***Asking for support is a sin of strength not weakness. When wasrepparttar 148036 last time you went on a vacation? ***Rewarding yourself for hard work motivates you to push harder and stay focused. Do you have any honest and authentic people around you? ***Find a trustworthy friend to help you, with your goals Do you have anyone you admire? ***Find someone you can emulate.

Your weight loss, energy levels and general health can start changing today if only you are not afraid to ask for help. Good luck and keep an open mind. ---------------------------------------------------- Greg Ryan is a well known author ofrepparttar 148037 Changing fromrepparttar 148038 “INSIDE OUT” Discoverrepparttar 148039 five step common sense way to lose weight and stick to a program. A formularepparttar 148040 medical and fitness industry DON’T want you to know about! Click here for FREE Mini Course www.resolutions.bz

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smith.

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