Weight Loss Setbacks and the "All or Nothing" Attitude

Written by Victor Holtreman

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I've always been big on analogies, and here's a simple one that I personally use when I "fall offrepparttar wagon" as far as diet and working out:

Instead of looking at a setback as a total car wreck, look at it as just a minor fender-bender.

You see, althoughrepparttar 149126 body can be unforgiving, it also has memory, and if you get back to your regime you'll find that you will bounce back and reach your prior level of fitness/weight much faster than it took to get thererepparttar 149127 first time.

Sorepparttar 149128 next time you backtrack and put on a couple of pounds, don't throw your hands up in dismay. Instead, do an "Indiana Jones": Put that hat back on, pull down that brim, get that determined look back in your eye and get back on track!

Victor Holtreman is the author of Lose the Last 10 Pounds, an eBook which chronicles his 2 month journey from 13% to 9% body fat using kettlebells. For more diet and fitness tips visit http://www.last10pounds.com.

Weight Loss: The INSIDE OUT Factor – The #1 Mindset in Changing Your Weight Forever!

Written by Greg Ryan Fitness Expert

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In a Nut Shell:

The "INSIDE-OUT” concept takes a look at your exercise and eating behaviors through a cognitive awareness approach. It deals with your motives, desires, and beliefs toward exercise and food. If you want to change attitudes and habits toward exercise and eating forrepparttar long haul, you are going to have to dig deep into WHY you feelrepparttar 149125 way you do about them.

The big difference inrepparttar 149126 “INSIDE- OUT” program from others isrepparttar 149127 focus onrepparttar 149128 Awareness ofrepparttar 149129 types of motives you have,repparttar 149130 Acceptance of unwanted behaviors, andrepparttar 149131 Assistance you get.

This will not be easy and it will take hard work. The question is, “How important is your health to you? And, are you atrepparttar 149132 point in your life where:

“THERE ARE NO MORE OPTIONS,” except to move forward.

Your goal is to first decide which behavior (s) you need and want to change. The end goal is to figure outrepparttar 149133 truth or reality of that behavior and work your way up to changing it. The process is fairly simple in theory, but challenging in practice. It will not happen over night. This is a mental exercise more than anything.

I commend you for reading this; however,repparttar 149134 reason you are is because you are not happy with who you are right now and how you feel. Twenty years ago I did not either. However, after changing fromrepparttar 149135 INSIDE OUT, I today feel better than anytime in my life. And thousands of others have changed to by applying this approach. You are not alone. Let me help!

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