Weight Loss – The Soft Drink Diet

Written by Greg Ryan

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In plain English;repparttar longerrepparttar 148037 food stays in your systemrepparttar 148038 more of a chance you have of getting fatter. The soft drinks act as barriers. In many cases when it comes to weight loss,repparttar 148039 food combinations really get you. The biggest no- no is starchy foods with sugary foods.

If you have wine, cut down onrepparttar 148040 breads. If you have pasta's cut down onrepparttar 148041 wines. If you have soft drinks, cut back onrepparttar 148042 starchy complex foods.

No matterrepparttar 148043 combination, combining pasta meals with sugary drinks is eating you up fromrepparttar 148044 inside out. If you want to lose a few pounds, lose a few ounces of soft drinks in your daily diet.


Truth or Consequences – Weight Loss for good!

Written by Greg Ryan

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Are you one of them? Chances are sooner or later one or all three will be riding with you inrepparttar car torepparttar 148036 hospital. Have you found yourself saying these things?


"It won't happen to me…no way, no how!"

Unfortunately, it is what we cannot see that is killing us. Our insides are getting eaten away because of our lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Society is so concerned with extreme makeover television shows that we have been caught off guard withrepparttar 148037 silent killers: heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Even ifrepparttar 148038 outside looks good,repparttar 148039 damage is still done inside our bodies. Over time we have made ourselves feel comfortable with certain lifestyle habits.

We overlookrepparttar 148040 long-term consequences of our behaviors. We see things going on around us, but we continue to put off exercise and eating better for another day. Out ofrepparttar 148041 three, Denial isrepparttar 148042 sneakiest beast of them all.


Denial's brother, Pride, may not berepparttar 148043 sneakiest, but he isrepparttar 148044 strongest personality ofrepparttar 148045 boys. Having too much pride costs millions of lives every year in any arena you can imagine, especially in health andrepparttar 148046 aging process.

Why do you think New Year's resolutions don't stick? Any decision postponed is one that has not been taken seriously enough. If you have to wait to start on a program or quit a bad behavior, it is most likely wishful thinking.

Yes,repparttar 148047 goals alongrepparttar 148048 way should be flexible; but oncerepparttar 148049 heartfelt decision is made, there is no looking back.

When isrepparttar 148050 best time to start? RIGHT NOW! So I ask you one simple question,

Why Wait?

People wait to start on a program for many reasons: o When you are not so busy o Oncerepparttar 148051 kids are back in school o Afterrepparttar 148052 doctor's checkup o When you don't feel good The truth is these excuses will never go away until you decide to do something about them. NOW.

We all have been at points in our lives where we got sick and tired of feeling bad, sleeping restlessly, and having life crashing in on us and our health.

The bottom line is you will only change your habits and attitudes about exercise and eating when-there are no more options!

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and employee of Kathy Smith www.resolutions.bz

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