Weight Loss, Exercise and New Year’s Resolutions – Why they don’t work?

Written by Greg Ryan

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Almost allrepparttar people that I have counseled overrepparttar 150828 years in weight loss have been successful in keeping it off because at some moment in time they said, “That’s it, no more options.” I am starting right now. No need to wait, just move forward and stop talking yourself out of it.

Who says, you have to wait until New Years Eve to start feeling better, losing some weight and having more energy. Start with these suggestions:

Make a list of reasons not to start today.

Make a list of things that are preventing you from starting today.

Make a list of people that can encourage you to start today.

Why wait? Start today. Stop talking yourself out of feeling better.

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Obesity and Weight Loss – Muscle and the importance of low body fat!

Written by Greg Ryan - High Profile Fitness Expert

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While my approach to weight loss isrepparttar road less traveled in isrepparttar 150590 one that will most likely get you to your destination. America has an obesity and diabetes crisis because of your approach to it, notrepparttar 150591 numbers they supply on your charts. Here are five points to remember:

Determine HOW you are motivated

Determinerepparttar 150592 REASONS behindrepparttar 150593 unwanted behaviors.

Develop a great support system

Eat for fuel not for taste

Keep being active.

I truly am asking you and almost begging you to follow these points. If you don’t you are really asking for trouble soon downrepparttar 150594 road. I will help you if you let me. Let me prove it to you.

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smiths. Body building champion, public speaker and personal trainer to the stars. He is a best selling author of the Changing from the INSIDE OUT through real behavior change, smart eating and effective exercising. Start getting in better shape today! For FREE MINI COURES click here www.resolutions.bz

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