Weight Loss: Carbs? Or No Carbs?

Written by Michael Lewis

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During ketosis, your carbohydrate-depleted body grabs other sources, including ketones from stored fat or protein, to satisfy daily energy needs. This leads to ketoacidosis, a state similar to that seen with type 1 diabetes. This type of diet can have a negative long-term impact on health.

"Next time you talk to someone on one of these diets, pay attention to their mental state, how alert they seem," says Holden. "The lack of carbohydrates tends to make them seem a bit fuzzy mentally becauserepparttar brain is not getting enough fuel. Is that any way to diet?"

New Research Supports It --------------------------------------------------------- But a study inrepparttar 140753 July 2002 issue ofrepparttar 140754 American Journal of Medicine showed thatrepparttar 140755 most famous of low-carb diets, repparttar 140756 Atkins diet, does work.

Study participants lost an average of 20 pounds while onrepparttar 140757 Atkins diet for six months, but they were not followed longer to see if they keptrepparttar 140758 weight off. Most people also had improved cholesterol levels atrepparttar 140759 end ofrepparttar 140760 study, even thoughrepparttar 140761 eating plan permits unlimited quantities of cholesterol-rich foods such as eggs and meat.

The study was funded by a grant fromrepparttar 140762 Robert Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine. Duke researcher Eric Westman, MD, says he became interested in studyingrepparttar 140763 Atkins diet after several of his patients lost large amounts of weight on it.

But though researchers were impressed byrepparttar 140764 weight loss, they say more study is needed to pronouncerepparttar 140765 carbohydrate-restricting diet safe.

Safe Dieting ------------------------------------------------------- Here's howrepparttar 140766 American Heart Association says to take weight off, and keep it off.

Be active: try walking 30 minutes a day most days ofrepparttar 140767 week.

To lose weight, most women should eat 1,200-1,500 calories per day.

To lose weight, most men should eat 1,500-1,800 calories a day.

A loss of one to two pounds per week is considered a healthy weight loss.

People who lose weight gradually are more likely to keeprepparttar 140768 weight off.

Eat no more than 30% of your total calories from fat.

Include at least five servings of fruit and vegetables in your diet each day.

Examine your eating habits -- keep a written journal of what and when you eat.

Weigh yourself only once a week.

Eat breakfast to curb binge eating.

"There are still a lot of things we don't know about food and nutrition," says Holden. "Nutrition is a relatively young science, but we do know that you can trickrepparttar 140769 body's mechanisms inrepparttar 140770 short run. Inrepparttar 140771 long run, however, those short cuts catch up with you inrepparttar 140772 form of weight gain."

Source: WebMD

About The Author ---------------- Michael Lewis has been collecting articles and information on Weight Loss and HGH (Human Growth Hormone and related health benefits. He has created and edits numerous web sites about this subject. Michael is a staff writer for www.ageforce.com

Change Your Life With a Commitment to Weight Loss

Written by Tammy Corbett

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Visualizing a Thinner You

Undoubtedly, weight loss hasrepparttar power to change your professional life, but it also hasrepparttar 140532 ability to change your romantic life. Whether you are attached or single, a new thinner you will have more confidence inrepparttar 140533 field of love. Perhaps you will surprise your husband by wearing that sexy dress you had always thought of wearing but never hadrepparttar 140534 courage to do so. Or, maybe you will finally ask that gorgeous librarian out on a romantic date. Losing weight not only sheds extra pounds from your body, but it also does away with feelings of fear and intimidation. Once you conquer weight loss, you will feel as if anything is possible, and it is!

When you start to feel as if you will never loserepparttar 140535 weight and dieting is just too hard, think ofrepparttar 140536 new thinner you that is just aroundrepparttar 140537 corner. Imaginerepparttar 140538 added energy you will have,repparttar 140539 increased confidence andrepparttar 140540 overall feeling of well being. Weight loss is hard work, butrepparttar 140541 end result is well worth it!

Tammy Corbett is weight loss consultant and author of several articles on the importance of weight loss programs.

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