Weight Gain, Cravings, & Genetics

Written by LaZelle Blue Bradley

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Second: thousand of Americans suffer with some sort of assimilation problem, digestive problems or food allergies. Stomach settlers, or anti-acid medications are one ofrepparttar highest onrepparttar 137580 popularity list inrepparttar 137581 U.S. Some ofrepparttar 137582 common complaints are acid reflux, gas and bloating, loss of energy ,being overweight ,being underweight, getting hungry soon after eating ,frequent digestive problems, ,elimination difficulty ,food allergies and cravings.

Third: It is currently recognized that a significant portion ofrepparttar 137583 American population is allergic to gluten in wheat. Webster’s Dictionary defines gluten as a tenacious, elastic protein substance esp. of wheat flour that gives cohesiveness to dough. Additional gluten is sometimes added for extra rise in breads. The adverse reaction to gluten inrepparttar 137584 body comes fromrepparttar 137585 body’s inability to digest this substance. The undigested gluten forms a sticky, acidic protein paste which linesrepparttar 137586 small intestines, blocking nutrient receptor sites. Nutrients are lost becauserepparttar 137587 receptor sites, through which nutrients are accepted intorepparttar 137588 bloodstream for distribution torepparttar 137589 cells, are blocked. Especially serious isrepparttar 137590 blocking ofrepparttar 137591 minerals which feedrepparttar 137592 glands ofrepparttar 137593 body andrepparttar 137594 glands runrepparttar 137595 body. Calcium is a key controller ofrepparttar 137596 alkalinity ofrepparttar 137597 body. In most cases there are no symptoms untilrepparttar 137598 body is in serious trouble, and thenrepparttar 137599 person is cravingrepparttar 137600 very food that is destroying his digestive tract. There is no medical solution to a mal-absorption issue and therefore, is dietary in nature.

Would you be surprised to find out thatrepparttar 137601 very root of your personal dietary dilemma may indicate through your blood type, your genetic diseases and nationalities that you do not properly digest gluten?

A body receivingrepparttar 137602 proper nutrition and proper cleansing will balance itself at its ideal weight for health. A person who is adequately fed will be free of cravings, energetic, clear headed and healthy.

Takerepparttar 137603 gluten intolerant test at sugaraddictions.com and let LaZelle send you a personal evaluation. She can suggest a new 21st century food source that can be added to your daily diet that will feed you and suffocaterepparttar 137604 yeast overgrowth. This food source will allow us to regain our digestive tracts, loose or gain weight, and haverepparttar 137605 energy we need because we are getting fed.

Go to sugaraddictions.com forrepparttar 137606 test.

LaZelle Bradley is a nutritionist known for her avid support of Sunrider foods. She has dedicated her life to helping others like herself overcome the far-reaching effects of gluten intolerance.

The Cult Of the Slender - Utterly Absurd!

Written by Christiane Beerlandt

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Fromrepparttar flu andrepparttar 137455 most common headache torepparttar 137456 most malignant cancer and hiv-aids, a large number of diseases and organs were analyzed: cholesterol, rheumatism, heart, liver, neck, shoulder. . . . As regardsrepparttar 137457 current concepts about heredity and genetic determination, Christiane Beerlandt fiercely pronounces herself against them. Another topic discussed was nutrition. “Just eatrepparttar 137458 foods you like, but you have to apply atrepparttar 137459 same timerepparttar 137460 symbolism of these foods in your daily life.” These days, one often condemns stout people while maintainingrepparttar 137461 cult of slenderness. “This is utterly absurd” according to Christiane Beerlandt, who doesn’t at all advise againstrepparttar 137462 use of medicines or medical treatment. “It can be good for many people to resort to them during a certain stage of life; one needs to realize, however, that it’s necessary to work atrepparttar 137463 same time onrepparttar 137464 true healing of an ailment. This can be done by becoming aware of, and by solving,repparttar 137465 fundamental cause, which is situated on a much deeper level thanrepparttar 137466 purely physical or chemical.” As we said before, one needs to search inrepparttar 137467 emotional and psychological realm, inrepparttar 137468 world of one’s convictions, feelings, expectations, and self-image. “Why do I have this illness?” There are perhaps thousands of reasons. If one thoroughly looks for them, it’s possible to find them, to discover that link, and to work on solving them. Concentrating on these underlying reasons and solving them is certainly no easy work. In any case, it allows to have a more healthy relationship with one’s illness, to become aware. Illness is a signal, a warning light: watch out! There’s a bend! It’s up to us to negotiate it well. Lucien Durand n Translated fromrepparttar 137469 French by Dirk Lippens For Futher Information Goto www.thekeytoselfliberation.com

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Christiane Beerlandt is a Belgian Author of several books including the best seller The Key To Self Liberation - 1000 Diseases and their Psychological Origins. She writes deeply self-acceptance and living your truth no-matter what.

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