Weigh Loss and your Self Image Are you worthy?

Written by Greg Ryan - High Profile Fitness Expert

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1. Here are some suggestions in order to change your self image long term.

2. Determine HOW you are motivated

3. Determinerepparttar REASONS behindrepparttar 150589 unwanted behaviors.

4. Develop a great support system

5. Eat for fuel not for taste

6. Keep being active.

More information regarding these areas can be found at www.resolutions.bz

Let me say this. If you want desperately to change your weight and self image, it will take some introspection not a pill. It will take time, not a fast track. If you need some encouragement, get it or contact me. What ever it takes. But remember this:

There is absolutely no one on this earth that hasrepparttar 150590 right to take your self worth away from you. However, it is our choice to let them. Chose today to take back your life. Let me help!

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smiths. Body building champion, public speaker and personal trainer to the stars. He is a best selling author of the Changing from the INSIDE Start getting in better shape today! For FREE MINI COURES click here www.resolutions.bz

7 Ways to Reduce the High Calorie Cost of Restaurant Eating

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

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5. Trim Visible Fat and Skin. I know, you really loverepparttar skin--of course you do, it tastes good, it should, it's pure fat. Do you want to get leaner, or do you want to eat fat? You choose. I never eat chicken skin and never eatrepparttar 150488 visible fat hanging off a steak, good taste or no. You have to decide what you want more,repparttar 150489 second's worth of pleasure of a yummy taste, or a lifetime of carrying around an extra 40 lbs? I know this is counter torepparttar 150490 low carb crowd's belief that fat is good, carbs are evil, but I've maintained an 80 pound weight loss for 18 years without dieting and I don't eat visible fat or skin. Enough said.

6. Ask for a Doggie Bag atrepparttar 150491 Beginning of Meal. Whenrepparttar 150492 food is served, immediately portion off some to take home for tomorrow. Most restaurants inrepparttar 150493 US serve way too much. There is no law you have to eat it all. Do this frequently and soon you'll find you're getting an extra lunch out of that meal.

7. Read Restaurant Confidential by Michael F. Jacobson and Jayne Hurley, and start checking out how many calories you're really eating. If you eat out frequently and you carry extra weight, then that's probablyrepparttar 150494 problem right there. This little book can help you realize why it seems you don't eat that much yet you can't lose any weight. Hardees recently introduced a new burger that clocks in at just under 1200 calories all by itself! Now that's frightening.

If you really want to get a handle on your weight problem, look first to where you eat, second at what you eat, and third how much you eat. Where, What and How Much? Try these steps choosing one tip at a time, and see how easily you can take some ofrepparttar 150495 calories out of restaurant food.

~~Kathryn Martyn, Master NLP & EFT Practitioner, Author, Speaker and Weight Loss Coach brings a fresh approach to weight loss. Her method works when all else has failed. "It's not about the food."

Get her book, "Changing Beliefs, Your First Step to Permanent Weight Loss," and "The Daily Bites: Using EFT for Weight Loss" and get the body you want http://www.onemorebite-weightloss.com/getnews.html

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