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Written by Tom Downward

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8. What this means is don't be shy! Accept assistance when offered and solicit involvement, help and ideas from those you believe will be an asset.

9.Add your personal touches. For example; if you have children you may consider making them an important part of your wedding.

10. Pick a few aspects of your wedding and make them personalized. A personal touch makes a wedding meaningful torepparttar bridal couple, their attendants, family and all invited guests.

In summary, your wedding is a serious moment for declaring your love and commitment to each other. Make your wedding truly a one-of-a-kind event. Fill it with cherished moments and keepsakes. Whether you choose a favorite theme, a special setting or an intimate gathering of friends and loved ones, enjoyrepparttar 147398 journey. Perhaps,repparttar 147399 memories and keepsakes may stay with you forever. Treasure them! And may you have a Happy, Happy day!

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Why Pregnant Women Get Stressed And Depressed?

Written by Sara Jameson

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3. It isn’t rare for expecting moms to ask themselves, “Will I love my baby enough?” and “Will I know what to do when my baby cries or gets sick?” The answer is yes, or it will be after a little experience. But, when you enter a job you’ve never held before with no guide book, it can be very intimidating (especially for those expectant moms who have issues with their own mothers).

4. Other issues that creep up include finances and daycare. Most mothers take a maternity leave from work after their babies are born, but findingrepparttar right daycare where baby will be happy and Mom will feel reassured in leaving her little one can be a challenge. 5. There is alsorepparttar 147397 issue of what will happen at work while a woman is on maternity leave. Will she loserepparttar 147398 esteem and respect of others for putting family first? Or will her someone else snatch her spot as team leader while she is out on leave?

Of course, these issues are just a synopsis ofrepparttar 147399 concerns and worries pregnant women face. Naturally, every woman has her own specific circumstances that make some of these concerns less important, while others are more so. There are also concerns each woman has that are unique to her.

But relative to all expecting moms is that they face a number of worries and potential stressors. In extreme situations, these stressors lead into depression. Women feeling overwhelming and/or debilitating feelings of sadness or hopelessness should consult an OBGYN or counselor ASAP.

Sara Jameson set out on a mission to find out how to have a healthy baby but also a happy and healthy pregnancy. She succeeded and writes her experiences in "The Very Happy Pregnancy: Avoiding Stress and Depression." Read her secrets and truths about having a happy, healthy pregnancy in her Website

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