Wedding Photography

Written by Roy Barker

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Any other special requests. WEDDING CEREMONY Bride's and groom's attendants as they walk down aisle Bride with father walking downrepparttar aisle Bride with father approaching groom at altar Shots of wedding party atrepparttar 146513 altar Shots (if permitted) of bride and groom at altar Bride and groom kissing Bride and groom leaving altar Any other special requests. POST-CEREMONY Bride alone at altar Bride and groom at altar Bride and groom with bride's family Bride and groom with groom's family Bride and groom with minister, priest, rabbi, etc. Bride and groom with wedding party Bride and groom kissing A photograph ofrepparttar 146514 bride and groom’s hands, entwined withrepparttar 146515 wedding ring. Bride's attendants (all) alone Ushers alone Any other special requests. RECEPTION Entry of wedding party Different shots of guests (table to table) Different shots of guests not at tables Bride and groom dancing Parents of bride and groom dancing The wedding cake Bride and groom cuttingrepparttar 146516 cake Bride feeding groom Groom feeding bride Best man's toast Bride and groom kissing Bride tossingrepparttar 146517 bouquet Groom removing bride's garter Groom tossingrepparttar 146518 garter The band The servers The "getaway" car, especially if decorated Bride and groom driving away in car Any other special requests.

Not every wedding you cover will want every type of photograph, but it will be a good idea to write down a list of what is required, for your first few weddings, because if you forget, you cannot organise a re run. Also you must remember that it is a sentimental day for many people, and there will be opportunities for unusual photographs, keep a watchful eye out forrepparttar 146519 child guests, at some pointrepparttar 146520 possibility of an unusual photograph is going to present itself. Weddings are all fairly standard, but most people like to add a reminder of poignancy or humour. It will be a good idea to get yourself invited torepparttar 146521 wedding rehearsal, that way you can meetrepparttar 146522 guests, and be more comfortable with them on their big day.

The film is a large outlay for a wedding, but most people will be prepared to pay up to 50% beforerepparttar 146523 day, which will be sufficient to cover your expenses. Do you use digital or film, forrepparttar 146524 big day. Digital photographers can use Photoshop to enhance your wedding photographs with such techniques as hand-tinting, flaw removal, montage, changing images from color to sepia and black and white, and much more.

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Seven Tips For Coping With Hot Flashes

Written by Alicia Simpson

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4. Keep a supply of ice water nearby - even at night beside your bed.

5. Use lighter blankets or a fan near your bed to deal with hot flashes at night.

6. Limit your intake of red wine, chocolate, and aged cheeses, which contain a chemical that can affect your body's thermostat and trigger a hot flash.

7. Make use of other coping behaviors. Psychological or behavioral coping techniques are getting more attention fromrepparttar scientific community. For example, a small study conducted by a professor of psychiatry, Robert R. Freedman, Ph.D., atrepparttar 146461 Lafayette Clinic and Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit found that regular, practiced breathing reduced hot flashes by 50 percent inrepparttar 146462 study’s 33 participants.

Other self-help behavioral methods include practicing self-acceptance (remind yourself, out loud if necessary, that this is a temporary symptom of menopause and perfectly normal), trackingrepparttar 146463 emotions and situations that precede a flash (thus putting some degree of self-control back intorepparttar 146464 equation), and trying to keep a sense of humor (share funny moments with friends who are also going throughrepparttar 146465 transition).

Alicia Simpson is a mother and housewife who experience menopause. Her new guide book: "Menopause without Stress" is to tell women that menopause is part of life you cannot avoid. Visit her Website at

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