Wedding Photography: Preserving the Memories

Written by Colin Hartness

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Experience & Samples

Aside from samples from people you know, you can askrepparttar photographer himself about samples. You can callrepparttar 116092 photographers on your list and do an interview overrepparttar 116093 phone or make an appointment to meet in person. This is your chance to askrepparttar 116094 photographer any questions you may have such as their experience, what training they have and what different types of photography they have studied. If you are doing an in-person interview,repparttar 116095 photographer can show you portfolios of samples of their work. If doing a phone interview, that ends well, you may want to go in person and see a portfolio.

Schedule and Appointment

When you have choserepparttar 116096 photographer you think you want to use, you will have to schedule several appointments. The bride and groom,repparttar 116097 brideís parents and anyone else who may be taking part in paying forrepparttar 116098 wedding should be present at these meetings regardingrepparttar 116099 wedding photography.

At these meetings, you will discuss price, payment schedule and possible deposits. Next you will discussrepparttar 116100 plan for takingrepparttar 116101 photos. Many people also get video and digital photographs now. Do you want these? Will your photographer be able to provide these? Will there be extra fees?

Many people have specific plans as to what they want pictures of (e.g. bride and father coming downrepparttar 116102 aisle, bride and groom, rings exchanging,repparttar 116103 kiss,repparttar 116104 bridesmaids, etc.) This is your chance to get all this written down so thatrepparttar 116105 photographer is sure to get allrepparttar 116106 shots you want. Other people give their photographers a little more freedom to decide what pictures will be good to take.

Be sure to ask any questions you have about this important event. Your wedding photography is important to you so donít hesitate to be clear about what you want.

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Digital camera metering

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Next comesrepparttar center-weighted average metering. This is probablyrepparttar 116091 most common metering method implemented in nearly every digital camera andrepparttar 116092 default for those digital cameras that don't offer metering mode selection. This method averagesrepparttar 116093 exposure ofrepparttar 116094 entire frame but gives extra weight torepparttar 116095 center and is ideal for portraits. Another important isrepparttar 116096 spot or partial metering. The spot metering allowsrepparttar 116097 user to meterrepparttar 116098 subject inrepparttar 116099 center ofrepparttar 116100 frame or on some cameras atrepparttar 116101 selected AF point. Only a small area ofrepparttar 116102 whole frame is metered andrepparttar 116103 exposure ofrepparttar 116104 rest ofrepparttar 116105 frame is ignored. This type of metering is useful for brightly backlit, macro, and moon shots. Again a lot has been revealed and a lot remains to be done so, yetrepparttar 116106 rudimentary foundation of string fundamentals can be established viarepparttar 116107 lines ofrepparttar 116108 above lines of this discussion. It is only hoped thatrepparttar 116109 lines get their true respect fromrepparttar 116110 readers of them and users ofrepparttar 116111 digital camera to properly deliverrepparttar 116112 due respect thatrepparttar 116113 digital camera metering technique deserves.

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