Wedding Invitations! To Make Or To Buy!

Written by Ben Shar

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If you decide to purchase them, think about these qualifications forrepparttar wedding invitations you choose.

Make sure they fit withrepparttar 147151 theme of your wedding. Invitations can be made to be elegant, formal, or laid back and fun. Whatever your wedding theme is, that is what you should aim for when it comes torepparttar 147152 wedding invitations.

Look at many of your options long before making a choice. The more options you haverepparttar 147153 more specialrepparttar 147154 right one will be for you.

Consider colors too! Do you have a color theme for your wedding? Get one and use it on your wedding invitations.

The cost ofrepparttar 147155 materials isrepparttar 147156 main cost involved. The more expensiverepparttar 147157 materials,repparttar 147158 more important it is to getrepparttar 147159 right thing within your budget. Staying within your budget is important as there are many more things to spend your wedding dollars on!

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Accessories the finishing touches for a home

Written by Elizabeth Ray

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Using mirrors as on walls is a great way to expand a small space. Mirrors as accessories can also be hung over a side table, chest or on a fireplace. Choose square or round shaped pictures and mirrors to hang in square spaces and rectangular or oval shapes for rectangular spaces.

Pillows are great to softenrepparttar corners of a sofa and to add a splash of color to a room. Varyrepparttar 147112 colors, patterns and sizes ofrepparttar 147113 pillows especially on a bed to spice up a bedroom.

It is easy for a bookcase to end up with a cluttered look, but less is better unless it is a library. Remember to group accessories in odd numbers. Large items such a bowls and baskets can be a grouping of 1, and family pictures should still be at eye level.

When in doubt get examples from pictures depicting beautifully decorated spaces such as decorating magazines or furniture stores.

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