Wedding Flowers—What Every Bride Should Know before Her Big Day

Written by Jean Bachcroft

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Although charming to look at, some field flowers are best left out in nature. Once they are cut, most—poppies and bluebells, for example—will droop and wilt before you get torepparttar altar. Notable exceptions to this general rule include asters, sweet peas, and daisies.

Flowers are sensitive to cigarette smoke. So, if you don’t want your bouquet to turn colors or wilt, ask your guests to smoke outside.

Some popular wedding flowers, such as euphorbia and daffodils, are hollow-stemmed, so their sap can drip onto your lovely gown. If you choose one of these varieties for your bouquet, have your florist completely wraprepparttar 144394 stems.

Many couples begin greeting their guests well beforerepparttar 144395 ceremony is scheduled to begin. If this is your plan,repparttar 144396 groom’s boutonniere may be completely flattened byrepparttar 144397 time he has finished hugging and kissing his and your relatives and friends. Consider ordering a second boutonniere, which will be fresh forrepparttar 144398 ceremony andrepparttar 144399 photo session.

Don’t allow your centerpieces to hinder conversation between guest. Centerpieces should always be either high or low, never in between, forcing your guests to crane their necks to speak to someone onrepparttar 144400 other side ofrepparttar 144401 table.

Here are a few final points to keep in mind:

Know in advance where everything is supposed to take place. In fact, it’s a good idea to write downrepparttar 144402 schedule of where everyone should be and when. Give a copy to your mom or dad,repparttar 144403 maid-of-honor, your caterer, and your florist. Giving a copy ofrepparttar 144404 schedule torepparttar 144405 florist will help to ensure thatrepparttar 144406 right floral arrangements arrive atrepparttar 144407 right location on time.

Reusingrepparttar 144408 floral arrangements fromrepparttar 144409 ceremony forrepparttar 144410 reception areas will help to keep down costs. As long as you’ve planned in advance by making sure thatrepparttar 144411 color schemes blend, there is no reason not to recycle wedding flowers.

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Where to Purchase the Perfect Wedding cake in Las Vegas

Written by Randy Wilson

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Candlelight Wedding Chapel Wedding Cakes
2856 Las Vegas Blvd., South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(800) 962-1818
Candlelight Wedding Chapel offers a talented assortment of cakes for your wedding. All are white or butter cream with cream filling. They are baked fresh and sold in boxes onrepparttar premises to facilitate transporting them. Cakes and fillings can be specialized to your taste. Special orders must be paid in advance. The bakers require 72 hours of notice for any cake order. Pillars cost $15 per set. Prices range from a 6-inch round that feeds from 2 to 10 people for $40 to a 3-tier wedding cake that serves up to 65 guests for $155.

Las Vegas Weddings
Las Vegas Weddings is one ofrepparttar 144013 most elaborate las Vegas wedding cake bakeries inrepparttar 144014 area. Dozens of gorgeous creations can be baked to your specifications featuring colors, designs, and sizes that will precisely meet your wedding needs. Alluring Art, Beloved Beauty, and Bridal Bouquet are some ofrepparttar 144015 names of these elegant creations. Many are filled or topped with fresh or preserved fruit or garnished with flowers. Stunningly beautiful, you will be proud and gratified to feature one of these grand designs at your nuptial feast.

Victoria’s Patisserie
Victoria’s Patisserie features a wide array of lovely cake designs and styles that are made on location, never shipped or frozen. Tiers, layers, flowers, and jewels are just some ofrepparttar 144016 possibilities that you can choose from as bakers work with you to create a memorable masterpiece. Contactrepparttar 144017 staff early to allow time for allrepparttar 144018 details of your marvelous creation.

Your wedding cake will becomerepparttar 144019 center of attention (afterrepparttar 144020 bride, of course) when you order from one of these expert specialists.

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