Webxites and Search Engine Marketing

Written by Ratliff J

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Often small businesses look into getting a website only to realize "Uh oh! This is not as easy as it looks". With hosting, design, domain names, web marketing, and many other complicated technologies, designing an effective Web site can be a daunting task. On top of that, it's also difficult to confirm whetherrepparttar money you are spending is worthwhile. Even, if you hire a web designer to build a website how do you know thatrepparttar 131594 work done is what you paid for?

The answer is Webxites.

Learn more about Webxite today for your business.

J. Ratliff is an avid web designer. He has a website at www.victoriatechnology.com.

Cool Websites Everyone Should Bookmark

Written by Jim Edwards

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Should you desire to download an entire site, you can setrepparttar program to run before going to bed. When you wake uprepparttar 131593 next morning allrepparttar 131594 information will already reside on your computer, making for a fast and pleasant perusal of allrepparttar 131595 material.

Getbot comes as shareware with limited functionality, which means you can tryrepparttar 131596 program for free, but if you decide to keep it, or want allrepparttar 131597 features, then you must pay $19.

Onrepparttar 131598 bad side, it's a memory hog, so be prepared for a restart or two when using it. GetBot is a decent starter program... but if you want real power for downloading websites to view offline, check out www.httrack.com I've found it to be MUCH more versatile... and, it's 100% no cost :-)

** Keyword Specific News **

Log on to http://News.Google.com and you can find just about any breaking news story on virtually any topic.

Thoughrepparttar 131599 front page is segmented into main categories like Science, World News, Technology, and more, Google News also allows you to search over 4,500 different news sources for stories containing your keywords.

For example, a search for "Iraqi Elections" returned over 10,000 stories, many of them less than 5 or 6 hours old when I didrepparttar 131600 search.

Google News also allows you to sign up for "News Alerts" via email whererepparttar 131601 service will email you a link every time a new story with your search criteria appears in their database.

If you need keyword-specific information and articles to post in your blog... this makes an excellent way to get material sent to yourepparttar 131602 minuterepparttar 131603 news breaks.

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