Website Traffic Generation…7 great ways to increase your web site traffic.

Written by Terry Till

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4)Make sure that your web pages are keyword rich regardingrepparttar subject matter that you are aiming to attract your potential visitors. Analyse your web pages and ensure that your pages have a keyword density of aroundrepparttar 143522 5 to 10 percent mark.

5)Do not populate your web pages with too many advertising or affiliate banners links etc as this will destroyrepparttar 143523 image of your web page as a truly informative page and giverepparttar 143524 impression of just an advertising billboard, which will certainly turn off a lot of your visitors.

6)If you are trying to monetize your web pages with adsense or some similar program experiment withrepparttar 143525 placing of such adverts. Top centre just belowrepparttar 143526 header and before your body text is usuallyrepparttar 143527 optimum position.

7)If you produce different websites and web pages trackrepparttar 143528 activity each one produces and then try to produce further sites that mirror to some degreerepparttar 143529 most successful sites, certainly this will lead to your optimum success online.

I hope that these tips will be of help to you and your online success.

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"What You Did Wrong With Your Domain Names!"

Written by Mark Kessler

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I live about a five iron outside of DC and made my living onrepparttar radio. Helen Thomas, one ofrepparttar 143521 all-time great White House correspondents, would always be chosen by President Reagan to ask questions at press conferences. Here's why:..She found out thatrepparttar 143522 President had a fondness forrepparttar 143523 color red. So, Helen started wearing a red blazer to press conferences and he would always pick her out of a press room packed with other reporters.

So, in other words... put a red blazer on your web site, drop 50 bucks registering your domain name for several years and show Google, along with other search engines, you are serious about sticking around and wanting to improve search engine rankings.

Mark Kessler is the author of “Search Engine Tantra - The Path To Heightened Rankings!” A 7 part FREE mini-course. His web site, provides a wealth of information and resources to increase link popularity and improve search engine rankings.

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