Website Promotion With Content Exchanges

Written by Jack Humphrey

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You also have 10 new people building YOUR site and adding content every time THEY write new content as well.

Double Bonus Over Regular Link Exchanges

Imagine for a moment what 10 new pages of content would be like for your site each month. Working with your exchange partners, you can have them pay particular attention to keyword density in their content to get their pages ranking higher onrepparttar engines.

You can also do a short review on top of each new page to changerepparttar 144177 content entirely inrepparttar 144178 eyes ofrepparttar 144179 search engines and avoid a duplicate content penalty from certain engines.

What would this simple example produce for you in one year?

10 exchange partners writing one article ONLY per month would produce 120 new pages of content for your site.

120 new links would be produced for your site. Plus any links from other publishers who find your free-to-use content on partner sites and use it on THEIR sites! (This happens allrepparttar 144180 time with my articles.)

120 new pages to put your advertising on and get intorepparttar 144181 search engines.

It is simple, effective, tested, and it is a tool I use to get more incoming links and traffic along with syndication to major directories.

Try it and see what it does for your business.

Jack Humphrey is the managing partner at and author of Power Linking at

To Make the Most Dollars, Make The Most Sense

Written by Michael Murray

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The second type of person thinksrepparttar total opposite. They throw all judgment and common sense outrepparttar 144150 window and usually dive headfirst into a whirlpool of scams.

They join downline clubs, gifting clubs, “Send $5 to everyone on this list” programs; they usually spam people and end up wasting a whole lot of money. I should know. I used to be a Type 2 when I first started out! I don’t know why, but I just figuredrepparttar 144151 Internet was a magical wonderland where money fell from skies of gold. Then I woke up.

Type 2 people give legitimate online businesses a very bad name. In fact, they are usuallyrepparttar 144152 ones who turn people into a Type 1! After seeing all these scams, it’s no wonder some people look atrepparttar 144153 Internet as one big con.

Type 2 people usually give up eventually and walk away with a bad taste in their mouth. They also end up looking atrepparttar 144154 Internet as one big scam.

Then there is a third type of person, and hopefully you fall into this category. They seerepparttar 144155 wonderful potential ofrepparttar 144156 Internet and online business, but also realize thatrepparttar 144157 same universal laws of business apply. They are willing to learn what works, invest time and money in their business, and be patient and persistent.

I realized after awhile that you shouldn’t try to “make money” online. That’s too vague. You should start a legitimate business and treat it as a real one. And that’s what type 3 people do.

Don’t these people makerepparttar 144158 most sense? They also makerepparttar 144159 most dollars (Getrepparttar 144160 pun?! ;)

Michael Murray is a 22-year old full-time Internet marketer and college student with Cerebral Palsy who lives in sunny Orlando Florida. He recommends CBmall for both newbies and advanced marketers as a way to earn some autopilot income. Get your free CBmall Report, "15 Ways this automated system puts cash into your pocket!", by clicking the link below. You don't even need a web site:

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