Website Promotion Internet Marketing Will Keep You On Top

Written by Daegan Smith

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Another important factor in website promotion Internet marketing is making your site as appealing as possible. The design is a critical part of your web site’s image to consumers. Also,repparttar word content on your web site must make sense. Decide early whether your web site will be centered on design or if content will berepparttar 137263 most important. When people hit on your website,repparttar 137264 look and feel will significantly affect whether they will stay for a long time. Is your website a cozy, comfortable place to be in? Is it easy to navigate?

Ask yourself these questions to determine if your website promotion Internet marketing is successful. Does your site’s URL have search engine keywords inrepparttar 137265 title? Is your site easy to use for beginners as well as experienced web surfers? Do you offer easy accessibility for those to contact you? These three issues should be clear before you start to evaluate your total website promotion Internet marketing.

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Busting Google's "100" Link-Limit Myth

Written by Paul Bliss

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I've read about this topic in many forums and people always want proof. I researched and found two extremely well ranked sites that easily surpassrepparttar 100 link limit...

The point is, FORGET about allrepparttar 137136 nonsense that Google spits out about a 100-link limit. That's like your parents saying that you can only have 100 friends, no more or else you will be penalized!

Being thatrepparttar 137137 Internet is a social environment, how else would someone learn or find out about a new site? Advertising will alert you to new products and services, but they won't be able to tell you how bug zappers work. The search engines need our links. They can't grow their index without us. Therefore, exercise your right to link!

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Paul has been optimizing sites for over 5 years and has successfully placed over 60

clients into top rankings for all the major search engines.

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