Website Promotion – Writing Articles May Be Better Than Hiring SEO Firms

Written by Charles Essmeier

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But what about hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) company? Can’t you hire someone to promote your site for you? Yes, you can. These companies will modify your site to make it more search engine friendly, and they may recommend some other promotion techniques, such as pay-per-click advertising. Depending on your financial situation andrepparttar amount of free time you have, such companies may represent a good investment. Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous Website promotion companies out there, and there seem to be more of those than legitimate ones. I got a call just last week from one such company that promised to place my Website atrepparttar 143097 very top ofrepparttar 143098 first page of Google’s search results. They also promised to provide thousands of links to my site. I declined their offer, but did some research onrepparttar 143099 company. What I found is that they have done business under three different names inrepparttar 143100 last year, they’ve used hidden link, hidden code and other techniques that search engines don’t like, they’ve built Web pages that plagiarize from other sites and they’ve done work that results in their clients being blacklisted fromrepparttar 143101 major search engines.

These things weigh heavily against their promise of having thousands of links that point to my site. I see no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a service that may obtain links for me or may get my site blacklisted onrepparttar 143102 major search engines. I’d rather save my money and obtainrepparttar 143103 links myself by writing and publishing articles. It’s safe, fast, and inexpensive. And it works.

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The Hidden Fortune in Website "Stats"

Written by Jim Edwards

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It does you no good to attract general traffic to your site - you want unique, targeted visitors actively seeking your product or service.

Leads - a valid email address usually makesrepparttar best "lead" since people can and do give fake names and addresses online.

If someone won't give you a valid email address, chances are they won't give you their credit card to make a purchase either.

Email leads enable you to measure interest and to follow up with prospects.

Once you knowrepparttar 143096 number of unique visitors to your site you can calculaterepparttar 143097 percentage of leads you develop and concentrate on ways to improve your conversion by testing different offers and headlines.

Sales -repparttar 143098 number of sales as compared to unique visitors represents your most critical statistic because it tells you whether or not you've made a profit.

For every hundred visitors to your site, how many sales do you make and how much money do you net?

Most failed dot-com's never bothered to answer this simple question.

Selling onrepparttar 143099 web is a "numbers game" - learn how to makerepparttar 143100 numbers work for you!

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