Website Promotion – Need Inspiration to Write Articles? Check Your Stats!

Written by Charles Essmeier

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articles are weaving their way throughrepparttar Web. It’s fascinating to see how your articles appear on Websites you’ve never even heard of! If you do such a search on a daily basis, you will almost certainly seerepparttar 143240 number of links increase daily. It’s a great source of motivation to see thatrepparttar 143241 site that had 20 incoming links yesterday now has 200 today. Each of those links represents a place that someone can click to come to your site, and 200 links is nice, but why not 2000? The morerepparttar 143242 number of links increase,repparttar 143243 greaterrepparttar 143244 incentive you have to write more articles. More articles yield more links, and more links yields more traffic.

I started writing articles about eight weeks ago and I’ve been astounded atrepparttar 143245 results. One of my Websites went from zero incoming links to 1000 incoming links in just ten days! Once I saw how quicklyrepparttar 143246 links were increasing, I vowed to write at least one article per day. I begin each day by using a link popularity check software tool to count my incoming links. Such tools are freely available;; Link Popularity Check is one such tool. These tools show link counts for several different search engines at once. I’ll also checkrepparttar 143247 stats through my Web host to see whererepparttar 143248 incoming traffic to my sites is coming from. More often than not,repparttar 143249 visitors came from a site with a published article! Once I seerepparttar 143250 day’s link and visitor count, I am usually motivated to find a topic and writerepparttar 143251 article forrepparttar 143252 day.

Writing articles is a great way to generate incoming links to your Website, andrepparttar 143253 results can increase daily if you just keep up with it. It only takes a few minutes per day to write an article, andrepparttar 143254 time is well spent.

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Are You Losing Sales Because of These 4 Simple Website Mistakes?

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

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For example, instead of, 'Welcome to our web site about affiliate programs', how about 'Complete reviews of over 500 different affiliate programs. Find out who hasrepparttar highest payouts andrepparttar 143239 best selling products for your website.'

Mistake #3: Overloading Your Visitor's Senses

Have you ever gotten eye strain fromrepparttar 143240 first 10 seconds of reading a website? You knowrepparttar 143241 ones I'm talking about - bright red font on a bright yellow background. Or dark purple font on a midnight black background.

What wasrepparttar 143242 webmaster thinking (or smoking)? Quick fact: If your visitor has to work to read your website, they're already gone.

While your website may not be this bad, take a second look: Is there an overload of bold font? Isrepparttar 143243 web font so small you have to squint to read it? Are there tons of blinking images all competing furiously to capture your readers' attention?

Make sure your website isn't turning visitors away because it strains their eyes or overloads their senses.

When all else fails remember thatrepparttar 143244 old standby is best: black font on a white background isrepparttar 143245 easiest for everyone to read.

Mistake #4: 'Am I Still On The Same Website?' - Having an Inconsistent Layout

If you want visitors to remember your website, nothing says 'professionalism' more than a consistent layout throughout your website. Keep your navigation bar inrepparttar 143246 same place on all pages. Keeprepparttar 143247 colors consistent andrepparttar 143248 logo inrepparttar 143249 same spot if you have one.

There's nothing more confusing than clicking on a link and feeling like you've entered a completely different website. Trust is a big factor when it comes to making sales online. To keep that trust, give your visitor a feeling of always knowing where they are and which website they're visiting!

So there you have it - 4 simple website mistakes that cost you traffic and sales. These mistakes may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many webmasters make them. Steer clear of them and you'll automatically put more money in your pocket atrepparttar 143250 end ofrepparttar 143251 day.

Kathryn O’Neill is contributing writer to Web Conversion: How To Sell More With Your Website

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