Website Checklist

Written by Maya Pinion

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__ About Me or About Us info (makes it more personal)

__ privacy policy (adds credibility; spam policy etc)

__ mission statement (defines ethics and purpose of your site). For more info go to

With these 10 website basics your site can be both professional looking and appealing. And, as a result, you can expect to get a more positive response to your website and your website content.

Maya Pinion is a Los Angeles based freelance writer and longtime webmaster, a dedicated googler, and loves visiting good websites

Create a Search Engine Toolbar for Your Web Site

Written by Loren Baker

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Another nice feature of this toolbar maker is an optional RSS aggregator. You can specifyrepparttar RSS feed link and update interval. And that feed is updated onrepparttar 131661 toolbar with links torepparttar 131662 latest posts! Another great way to market your site. Another implementation of this RSS aggregator is news alert using which you can deliver messages torepparttar 131663 clients usingrepparttar 131664 toolbar fromrepparttar 131665 Effective Brand Backend.

The toolbar offer great flexibility with custom buttons and ability to move individual components ofrepparttar 131666 toolbar at desired locations. The toolbar I created for BlogSearchEngine can be accessed from here. Some other sites usingrepparttar 131667 toolbar are mentioned onrepparttar 131668 Recent Toolbar Page.

Custom IE Toolbars from Effective Brand

So, what isrepparttar 131669 catch?

Well,repparttar 131670 toolbar is Internet Explorer only. Andrepparttar 131671 company places some promotional links onrepparttar 131672 toolbar menus. Other than that, it is a good deal considering it costs nothing and can enhance your site's search traffic, brand your site onrepparttar 131673 browser of your users, and bring users back again and again.

Loren Baker is the owner of the Blog Search Engine, a search engine for blogs entries and moblogs pics.

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