Website As a Business Tool, NOT a Business Expense

Written by Tom Stone

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You can obviously get a lot more detailed and specific with a business plan, and there are several success stories that don't include a business plan at all - (HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED). If you go torepparttar hardware store to buy tools to finish a job, of course you considerrepparttar 113251 intended finished product up front, determine what tools are needed for its completion, and then blame any mistakes onrepparttar 113252 mysterious disappearing directions if you need to. Well, same thing here; Figure out what tools you need. A website may fill many of them, or it might not be able to address any - either way you wouldn't be creating a business expense - yet rather implementing a powerful tool of commerce.

Chairman, Georgia New Business Association; Founder, Network for the Advancement of Local Artists; Web Developer, Southern Sites

Make money reading emails

Written by Debra Kay Patrick

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