Webpremises Traffic Power Tips For April 2003

Written by Michael Hein

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Now, If you want to go back to HITPULSE click onrepparttar tab torepparttar 102484 left.

To go to WEBMASTERQUEST, click onrepparttar 102485 right tab. (Also, you can scroll through tabs by pressingrepparttar 102486 F3 key.)

Now enter all your remaining surf-for-hits URL's, and don't forget to pressrepparttar 102487 Enter-Key after you type inrepparttar 102488 URL.

After you finish enteringrepparttar 102489 start page programs, click onrepparttar 102490 main menu "Groups" and then click on "Save all pages as group". You can join as many as you like and enter them on crazy browser.

A Windows file window will open. Give your group a name, like "10000Hits", and click Save.

After having done this, every time you start CrazyBrowser you can simply click "Groups", thenrepparttar 102491 name of your saved group inrepparttar 102492 drop-down menu. All of your programs should load on one screen. You can now surf them all at once.

If you have a slow connection and/or not very powerful computer, opening eight to ten pages atrepparttar 102493 same time may be too much.

In this case, try surfing fewer pages until your computer is running fast enough that you are happy with it. My suggestion would be to group them together in groups of four which seems to berepparttar 102494 most practical.

Creating a Rotation Page using JAVASCRIPT *******************************************************


Downloadrepparttar 102495 above word doc and then makerepparttar 102496 necessary changes onrepparttar 102497 script to replacerepparttar 102498 three rotation URLs so that they contain your own affiliate links which will be provided on sign up byrepparttar 102499 traffic exchange. There is additional documentation insiderepparttar 102500 script itself. When you have replaced my affiliate URLs with your own you should click on FILE, SaveAs and make sure that you namerepparttar 102501 file:


You can now upload this file to any webspace to be hosted, remember to write downrepparttar 102502 location ofrepparttar 102503 file, e.g.


This isrepparttar 102504 URL that you will set asrepparttar 102505 site which will receive visitors fromrepparttar 102506 traffic exchange for each credit that you receive from them. When you testrepparttar 102507 URL you should notice that everytime you visit that URL you will be directed seamlessly to one ofrepparttar 102508 3 exhanges randomly (neat, 3 in 1 site).

If you have no webspace or domain then help yourself to a completely banner free, no-cost domain and webspace from:


Building your downline *******************************************************

Now you have 3 exhanges to surf which will generate hits into your rotation page,repparttar 102509 more hits you send into your rotatorrepparttar 102510 more signups you will receive for your efforts, YOU WILL RECEIVE SIGNUPS. I have attached a screendump of my inbox with dates, this is what I am achieving using onlyrepparttar 102511 system described above. Try your best to build up 1000 hits total daily. This does not take long and it is always very rewarding to wake uprepparttar 102512 next morning and have 3 new downline members earning more hits for you.

You will soon find out that it is quite boring to spend hours upon hours clicking through random sites. It is worth your while because you will receive great returns quickly. But forrepparttar 102513 extremely lazy people you should readrepparttar 102514 below info.

AutoIT - Automate any manual action, mouse clicks, etc *******************************************************

This is a very special windows scripting tool which can be used to automate virtually any manual action you perform on your PC including mouse clicks, switching windows, typing any text or keyboard command and even though a complete beginner may be put off at first, it is extremely easy to pick up, and I advise you familiarise yourself with this FREE tool because it is an invaluable time saver which can put your clicking on auto-pilot while you have a well deserved nap.

Download this tool by usingrepparttar 102515 link below and remember to readrepparttar 102516 documentation:


Download these example scripts to see how it's done:


All ofrepparttar 102517 information that I have given you above has generated many hits and downline affiliates for me inrepparttar 102518 month of March 2003. This is why you should act fast and get it all done asap.

I am always eager to hear about your success, so let me know by sending an email to:

articles@webpremises.com Click here

If you have any issues or queries do not hesitate to contact me:

michael.hein@webpremises.com Click here

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Are You Happy Being an Affiliate?

Written by David McKenzie

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1. Are you happy to re-sell somebody's product?

2. Are you willing to accept a commission for each sale rather thanrepparttar full sale itself? Most ofrepparttar 102483 time your commissions will be 50% and below.

3. Are you happy being told what marketing materials you should use byrepparttar 102484 affiliate program manager?

4. Are you happy to wait up to a month or more to receive your check?

5. Are you happy to compete with many other affiliates re-sellingrepparttar 102485 same product?

If you can answer yes to these questions then you can be happy being an affiliate.

Happy affiliates makerepparttar 102486 most money. Make sure you are happy being an affiliate as your chances of success will dramatically improve.

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