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Capacity and features: Audixp has : 3x5.25" external bays for multimedia drives 2x3.5" external bays for floppy drive and zip drive 2x3.5" internal bays for two hard drives. Total: 7 bays 1x80mm back case fan included withrepparttar case. 1x80mm front case fan can be installed , not included withrepparttar 107867 case 2 Front USB ports and 1 front Firewire port. See-through side-window

What can you do with Audixp? It's not so hard to answer this question if you are case modifiers or mod lovers. Withrepparttar 107868 super bright light ofrepparttar 107869 cold cathode, you can power up your own shown room. Below is some ofrepparttar 107870 pictures using different cold cathode.

At nightrepparttar 107871 case looks spectacular, you can combinerepparttar 107872 case with black light in your room to make your own theme of color or you can even modifyrepparttar 107873 case to your own music box. The available cold cathode 's color is red, green, and blue. The light is amazing. Devices can be installed to match withrepparttar 107874 light color are DigitalDoc5 and NewQ Platinum. Cool isn't it.

The best part about Audixp isrepparttar 107875 price. Withrepparttar 107876 budget lower than $100 you can bring this case home and enjoyrepparttar 107877 beautiful of it. Instead of buyingrepparttar 107878 window alone for $30, you can getrepparttar 107879 windows and a beautiful computer case only from $70-80. This isrepparttar 107880 time to forget aboutrepparttar 107881 old cheap case. Everybody is using High-end cases. Why don't you get one today !!! Conclusion: Audixp isrepparttar 107882 best case for people love to mod but don't want to take hassle or time to do it. It comes withrepparttar 107883 low price compared to other high-end case with modified window. You will love it when you see it. Notice that I don't writerepparttar 107884 review in depth because every part ofrepparttar 107885 case displays onrepparttar 107886 picture with description. Click here to see more

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Thesaurus: One of the Greatest Tools Rarely Used

Written by Rafael Van Dyke

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Quality, Not Quantity Itís a lot of fun to look forrepparttar biggest words we can find to replace with; but itís not productive. The goal is to findrepparttar 107866 word that makesrepparttar 107867 rest ofrepparttar 107868 sentence sound its best; this also means that you only want to replace words that make a sentence unclear. Itís never fun to read a document that is full of words that you donít understand or that you have to stop to regroup after each sentence. You also need to keep your audience in mind when choosing words.

Focus on Your Main Thoughts When youíre trying to decide which words to replace, itís usually good to start with your main points. Remember what you learned in your writing class: Each paragraph should have a main sentence withrepparttar 107869 remaining sentences supporting it. Pick out your main sentences from each paragraph and make sure that they sound clear. From here, you should be able to pick outrepparttar 107870 ones that need attention.

The Second Opinion Never underestimaterepparttar 107871 power of a proofreader. They will always notice things that you donít because writers tend to focus primarily onrepparttar 107872 topic theyíre writing about. My proofreader (which happens to be my lovely wife) constantly comes up with concerns that I never think about. Most importantly, she always points outrepparttar 107873 words that donít make sense to her and usually has a suggestion for a replacement. Inrepparttar 107874 end,repparttar 107875 goal is for a document is for it to make sense to your reader; so after youíve used your other thesaurus tools, be sure that your final test comes from a reader, as well.

I findrepparttar 107876 thesaurus to be one ofrepparttar 107877 greatest tools that we can use to put our documents overrepparttar 107878 top. Perhaps its decline in popularity is mainly due to many of us not knowing how to use it properly. Maybe this article will helprepparttar 107879 thesaurus to make a comeback. Well, at least now your documents can be ďnegated of imprecisionĒ.

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