Webfarms: The Only Way To Host!

Written by Brad Kingsley

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* Round-robin: Each node gets a request sent to it "in turn". So, node1 gets a request, then node2 again, then node1, then node2 again. * Least Active: Whichever node shows to haverepparttar lowest number of current connects gets new connects sent to it. This is good to help keeprepparttar 134343 load balanced betweenrepparttar 134344 server nodes. * Fastest Reply: Whichever node replies faster isrepparttar 134345 one that gets new requests. This is also a good option - especially if there are nodes that might not be "equal" in performance. If one performs much better thanrepparttar 134346 other, why not send more requests there?

In any of these scenariosrepparttar 134347 switch will also detect if a node were to fail. So, if svr1.orcsweb.com was taken offline for maintenance - or it had a critical failure -repparttar 134348 switch would detect that and only send traffic to svr2.orcsweb.com. And sincerepparttar 134349 clients always accessrepparttar 134350 site viarepparttar 134351 main URL (notrepparttar 134352 node names) they have no idea that one ofrepparttar 134353 nodes is down -repparttar 134354 application continues to serve client requests seamlessly.

Besides high-availability (continuing to satisfy requests during a failure), a webfarm also gives an application a higher level of scalability -repparttar 134355 ability to handle more and more load. If load increased onrepparttar 134356 application torepparttar 134357 point where performance started to degrade, more nodes could be added torepparttar 134358 webfarm (again, without clients noticing), givingrepparttar 134359 ability to handle potentially unlimited levels of traffic (just keep adding nodes!).

Of course there are a lot of factors surroundingrepparttar 134360 proper support of a webfarm -repparttar 134361 switches, fail over between switches (don't letrepparttar 134362 switch be a single point-of-failure!), replication of content, synchronization of server changes, synchronization of application changes, etc, etc.. But a good system administrator (or experienced hosting company) can help address all of these issues for you.

Byrepparttar 134363 way, I need to slip in a plug for a related service we offer :-) Webfarm hosting starting as low as $199/month! Check it out at: http://www.orcsweb.com/WebFarm.aspx

Hopefully this has been a good introduction to webfarms for you, and hopefully I've properly communicated enough ofrepparttar 134364 benefits for you to consider this as a hosting option for yourself. Withrepparttar 134365 rates now down to affordable levels - why not get this additional layer of protection?

Happy hosting!


Brad Kingsley is President and Founder of ORCS Web, Inc. - a company that provides managed hosting services for clients who develop and deploy their applications on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Brad Kingsley is President and Founder of ORCS Web, Inc. - a company that provides managed hosting services for clients who develop and deploy their applications on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Choosing the Right Host for Your Site

Written by Johnathan Brandon

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5. Backups: Pretty self explanatory, but make sure that your host is backing up your data each night, and ideally provides a way for you to back it up on your own. Whenever you are going to make significant changes to your site, make a backup, and be sure to always keep a copy of your site on your local PC. I canít tell yourepparttar number of people Iíve spoken to who didnít have a local copy of their site, and lost their site onrepparttar 134342 hosts server for whatever reason.

There are also some subjective aspects to choosing a host. These arerepparttar 134343 types of requirements which are based on your personal preferences and needs.

1. Your Market: Many hosts choose to focus on specialized markets, either because of personal interest, or a specialized skill set. For example, if you are looking to host a church web site, you may look for a host which focuses exclusively on churches. They are probably better suited to address your specific content needs. Keep in mind though, that you should not expect to give up onrepparttar 134344 items above for subjective requirements. A church focused web host is useless if they canít keep your site up and running.

2. Hosting Plans: Withrepparttar 134345 cost of hardware and network connectivity coming down every day hosts are increasingly offering more and more features. The bottom line, and something that all hosts know, is that 99% ofrepparttar 134346 customers will not use even 1% of what they are allocated, so donít over emphasize features you donít care about. Spend some time determining what you truly need for your site and then look for a host that meets those needs. If your site is 10 MB, does it really matter thatrepparttar 134347 hosting plan includes 2000 MB?

3. Community: If you arerepparttar 134348 type of person who likes to interact with your fellow webmasters, you will probably prefer a host which offers an online forum for interacting with other customers. This gives you a great place to ask questions, read announcements, and discuss features with people who are withrepparttar 134349 same host as you.

The list of considerations could go on, butrepparttar 134350 key is to find a quality host which meetsrepparttar 134351 needs of your site. To that end, I recommend documenting your needs BEFORE you begin looking for a host. Estimate your space and bandwidth requirements, determine what features you need, and look for a host which meets your needs at a price that meets your budget.

Johnathan Brandon is the President and CEO of BeGlobal, Inc., a web hosting and Internet services company. BeGlobal owns Be-Hosted.com ( http://www.be-hosted.com) and HostBetter.com (http://www.hostbetter.com).

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