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Written by Alec Ellis

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By pointing outrepparttar great points inrepparttar 134428 best reasonable packages, you will catchrepparttar 134429 eye ofrepparttar 134430 traffic, until previously, zooming past you. What to do when they have stopped for a visit is another matter.

Congratulations on gettingrepparttar 134431 traffic to stop and browse – What next?

Gettingrepparttar 134432 zooming traffic to stop and browse is difficult enough. The look of your web site can catch that peripheral vision of theirs; in an instant they can decide, “I will stop here and have a look”. The offers of 3 or 4 of your accounts, too good to be true, or at least warrant further investigation, entice a visit.

These ‘highway signs’ make you stop and pull over. What happens oncerepparttar 134433 visitors have pulled in? You will have to hold them there, before they up and leave just as quickly. The ‘restees’ have seenrepparttar 134434 site, they have sampledrepparttar 134435 best on offer; now what? You know you have a captured audience, all be it for another 2 or 3 seconds. Be careful not to send these valuable potential customers off clicking around your site. They clicked on your special package,repparttar 134436 offer onrepparttar 134437 front page, so take them directly to it.

The visitor has been enticed to your web site; seen good offers and one or two of those are just what they are looking for. Take them direct torepparttar 134438 page withrepparttar 134439 offer; includerepparttar 134440 price; include basic details that quantify very quicklyrepparttar 134441 worth ofrepparttar 134442 package; and, provide an order form. Do not smother these account pages in common details, or details of other accounts.

There should be only two main pages,repparttar 134443 front page andrepparttar 134444 account package page, that whichrepparttar 134445 customer clicks to. The front page is attractive and entices you to stay,repparttar 134446 offer encourages you to spend a few more seconds onrepparttar 134447 account page consisting of title, offer, basics, price and order form; all this should be on a secure page ready to take credit card information.

No two visitors arerepparttar 134448 same. There are those that will just sign up straightaway and those that will ‘further investigate’. Putrepparttar 134449 remainder of your account packages’ details, along withrepparttar 134450 ‘about’ information,repparttar 134451 ‘help’,repparttar 134452 ‘support’ etc, on other pages, using links on navigation bars for easy access, keeprepparttar 134453 offer clean.

You have one or two seconds to sell your product, don’t use it to educate your potential customer, let someone else do that! Give them what they want, this is now a very retail industry, if you are stuck for reference material, then visit a supermarket or local store, retail research has been around for years.

Written by Alec Ellis M6.net – for Web Hosting in 2 seconds http://www.m6.net


The benefits of having a web site

Written by Candice Humbley

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Cost advantage – Net businesses are extremely aware of how they can profit by being onrepparttar Internet; they can advertise their products and services withoutrepparttar 134427 huge costs, and delays of printing, publishing and distribution. The market is a global one, which adds greater value torepparttar 134428 costs outlaid for promotion and marketing; compared torepparttar 134429 limits of offline. Ecommerce facilities can be incorporated intorepparttar 134430 website, transforming 2D screen visuals into user reactive models, for example, consumers can order their products and services online, greatly reducing administration expenses. Reduction of telephone calls to potential customers; follow ups by email; newsletters digitally made, promoted by email or downloadable fromrepparttar 134431 website, with reduction of distribution costs; less promotional material sent out, printed and wasted; extended trading hours without a human presence; are just a few ways to cut costs.

The current opinion is that any business not onrepparttar 134432 Internet now or inrepparttar 134433 near future is not only missing out onrepparttar 134434 rewards of this new and vibrant industry, but is adding itself torepparttar 134435 list of “the forgotten”.

Don’t waste time scratching your head wondering whatrepparttar 134436 Internet can do to benefit your business, you will be left behind; instead, think about how you can take advantage of this new and cheap form of industry awareness. Look for a web designer, or web developer, get a quote, and tell them what you need.

Written by Candice Humbley http://m6.net Fast, reliable and affordable windows web farm


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