Web Writing's Evolution: The Web Content Market for Writers

Written by Melissa Brewer

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Becauserepparttar web is evolving so quickly,repparttar 129561 type of content a website needs depends on their purpose or goal. Web sales copy, of course, is meant to produce sales. But if a website has sales copy alone, their users may get turned off. How do they level outrepparttar 129562 hype? They hire writers to write objective content such as articles and filler. Websites also understandrepparttar 129563 importance of interactivity; interactive elements allow readers and customers to get involved. Surveys and "talk back" features help establish a relationship with website visitors. In addition to these elements, website also haverepparttar 129564 goal of establishing an ongoing relationship with their users. Newsletters and discussion lists provide a quick reminder and a steady outreach to a website's target audience. Freelance writers create email content to fulfill this goal.

So, how big isrepparttar 129565 online content market?

"Huge!" says Rachel McAlpine, founder ofrepparttar 129566 Quality Web Content Club, (http://www.webpagecontent.com) "Creating and maintaining web sites is a team job that requires many areas of expertise." "My most successful work so far is a horoscope column, believe it or not," says Brandi Jasmine, a freelance writer and digital photographer. (http://www.brandijasmine.com) Does she think there is enough work to go around? "I do, definitely. Actually I think that repparttar 129567 `dot.bomb' has helped freelancers. I have had no trouble getting freelance work, it'srepparttar 129568 `full time jobs' that seem thin, few and far between. Portals and online publications are looking more to outsourcing and syndicated material as things get tight."

Looking Ahead - The Future of Web Writing Markets

Can you imagerepparttar 129569 web without decent writers? When I think of a web without professional writers, I often think of my well-meaning friends and neighbors who have often showed me their love poems and essays, eagerly asking me, "How much money can I get when I publish this?"

I try to imagine my old boss writing an online newsletter or my father writing sales copy. (Which could happen; Dad's an engineer and repparttar 129570 old boss a CEO --but I doubt you would want to read it ;-) I think back torepparttar 129571 days where term papers and transcripts were repparttar 129572 "free information" onrepparttar 129573 web.

Whateverrepparttar 129574 future of content is, I know thatrepparttar 129575 "free information" ofrepparttar 129576 olden days was free for a reason. The content writing of today pays well, andrepparttar 129577 content of tomorrow is promising. Asrepparttar 129578 web matures,repparttar 129579 duties of writers expand and solidify. There is a reason that a website's writing doesn't work or a newsletter can't get any subscribers. This is whererepparttar 129580 online content writer comes in. We're repparttar 129581 ones who will make it work.

"Web content writers need to know where we fit in, and make sure we have expertise in our own field. Inrepparttar 129582 end, all you need is three or four big clients," Rachel McAlpine says.

So, are you ready to go out and seek them?

*This article originally appeared in Web Writing Buzz Newsletter in April of 2000.

Melissa Brewer is a full-time freelance writer and author of The Writer's Online Survival Guide, available at http://www.webwritingbuzz.com. She hosts a website for professional freelance writers and she publishes a free weekly newsletter, The Web Writing Buzz, featuring articles on freelancing, writing jobs and publishing news from around the web.


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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out what that special “thing” is that made their books last for generations. Whenrepparttar sun finally comes, there it is. It brings that certain smile to our faces, and our heads are held high by this “thing.” We know we can do it again and we have now left our mark onrepparttar 129559 literary world. Ego takes us byrepparttar 129560 hand and pushes us down in front of that computer whenever there’s a spare moment and even Holidays are not immune from this taskmaster. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ego. If you are a published writer, or an aspiring writer, acceptrepparttar 129561 fact that there is this one common imp all writers have. It will never harm you if you treat it well, however, it does have a twin. This twin is called “Have arrived.” Sorry, no writer worth their salt will ever feel they have written enough or that people will accept anything they put out. This evil twin has destroyed many a promising career andrepparttar 129562 perpetrator stands there in shame asrepparttar 129563 “good twin” takes another author down a lifelong path of devotion and dedication.

Treat your ego withrepparttar 129564 respect it deserves. Know it has no limits and it can berepparttar 129565 most beneficial drive in your entire writing quest. Never allowrepparttar 129566 thought or worse yet,repparttar 129567 very words “Have arrived” to ever cross your lips. It’s when we feel we have arrived that we stumble and fall. We are tripped byrepparttar 129568 very thing that brought us to endurerepparttar 129569 long hours and hard work of sharing our hearts and souls with people we probably will never meet or haverepparttar 129570 pleasure to know. These unknown individuals will read us, judge us, and pay hard-earned money to own what we created. They will always haverepparttar 129571 last word - ©Arleen M.Kaptur 2002

Arleen Kaptur has written numerous articles, cookbooks, and the novel: SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES Websites: http://www.arleenssite.com http://www.Arleens-RusticLiving.com http://www.webspawner.com/users/rusticliving http://topica.com/lists.simpleliving

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