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Written by Shelley Lowery

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When selecting your background image, keep in mind that your text will be moving over your image, so try to select an image that won't make your text difficult to read.

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Written by Richard Igoe

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6) The site must be easy to navigate so that a visitor can find what they are looking for with one or two clicks.

7) Lastly and probably most importantly,repparttar content ofrepparttar 134694 site must be good. Not only must it be good, but also it must offer a benefit torepparttar 134695 visitor. The content must be interesting enough to either makerepparttar 134696 potential customer buy onrepparttar 134697 spot, withrepparttar 134698 use of compelling headlines or banner ads, or it must give them a reason to return.

If you are maintaining your own website, keep it simple. It is then that much easier not to fall intorepparttar 134699 design traps mentioned above. Here are some tips that could improve your site design while maintaining a professional look.

1) Use background color in tables instead of graphics to add color to your site.

2) Make use of percentages instead of absolute values in tables for width and height values, but then again check thatrepparttar 134700 final result looks OK. This allows your web pages to stretch to fitrepparttar 134701 browser screen.

3) Use CSS style sheets to keep your site uniform. There are excellent tutorials on how to use style sheets at House of Style http://www.westciv.com. Using style sheets is as easy as putting an image in your site. You simply link each of your pages torepparttar 134702 style sheet. Then if you want your whole site to use a different background color or a different font, you only changerepparttar 134703 style sheet. Style sheets can greatly simplifyrepparttar 134704 HTML on your pages.

4) If you are using graphics for your site navigation, make sure you also include a text menu (nearrepparttar 134705 bottom ofrepparttar 134706 page is a good place). This is because a) some search engines have problems following graphic links (especially JavaScript and image maps) and b) some people turn off graphics on their browsers so make sure that you also use ALT tags to describe navigation buttons.

5) Don't use fancy fonts that you have downloaded fromrepparttar 134707 net because unless they are supported on your visitors' browsers, they will not be seen. Keeprepparttar 134708 fonts simple.

Finally, put yourself inrepparttar 134709 shoes of your target audience, and ask yourself if your site gives you a reason to browse further. Using strong headlines and compelling text is more important than special effects and large graphics.

The best websites from a marketing point of view are oftenrepparttar 134710 simplest.

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