Web Source Web Design Tips - Creating A Customized Marquee

Written by Shelley Lowery

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SCROLLAMOUNT - Determinesrepparttar speed your text will scroll.

WIDTH - Determinesrepparttar 132027 width of your marquee.

Example Marquee

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Internet Strategies for Success

Written by Richard J. Niemeyer

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Considerrepparttar following:

>Some browser may be ready to act/purchase immediately. >Some browser may be convinced ofrepparttar 132025 importance ofrepparttar 132026 product/service but not yet ofrepparttar 132027 company behind it. >Some browser may seek information onrepparttar 132028 offered products/services but are not yet ready to act. >Some may have been referred torepparttar 132029 site but are not yet convinced ofrepparttar 132030 offering. >Some browser may have been prompted to visit without fully understandingrepparttar 132031 spectrum of services. >Some browser may be just looking for answers to their problems/questions without any interest in investment at all. >Not to mention grabbing visitors who are atrepparttar 132032 wrong site entirely.

6. Does your web site need to be an interactive experience to maximize effectiveness? Is your web site an online brochure when it should be much more?

7. The site should demonstrate howrepparttar 132033 company has solved problems similar to those ofrepparttar 132034 visitor's. Complete with testimonials and case examples,repparttar 132035 company can demonstrate that they:

>Understandrepparttar 132036 needs ofrepparttar 132037 browser. >Have solved problems similar torepparttar 132038 browser's with great success. >Providerepparttar 132039 browser with real examples of success.

8. How does your site convince beyond any doubt that your company is their absolute best choice?

WebTech Center provides competitive analysis ofrepparttar 132040 Internet presence and marketing techniques of your competitors, and from that, developsrepparttar 132041 exact strategies you need to be using to place yourself ahead.

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